Tuesday, July 31


So, as of today, I have been married for 4 years!! woo hoo! We are going on our honeymoon next year. Has anyone every been on a cruise?
Anyways, it is TUESDAY!! Ya'll know what that means, the Yarn Harlot is spinning some beautiful fiber into a druel inspiring yarn, the cc is meeting at the bar to crochet in public or knit for no reason, and I will be at football practice.
They are taking our pictures tonight for this season's program. Say cheese!
My helmet is ready for me to pick up on my way home, and I think the coach's email said that our "home" jerseys are also in! Its like x-mas :)
My legs are feeling better, but my feet are still sore :( Atleast I had a few days off this week to rest. Hopefully I will not need as much recovery time at the end of this week!


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! Good luck at practice and enjoy that Pumpkins CD :D

Mary Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary! We missed you last night at cc or kc or whatever you want to call it. Good luck with practice! Smile!