Thursday, October 28

What will stay and what will be added :)

So, the knitting/crocheting/yarn dying will stay. The traveling will stay.
New things; diet, running, sewing, belly dancing, general geekness.

Wednesday, October 27

Margie 3.35 coming soon!

Hi, my life has completely changed since this blog was actively used, so VERY soon, this page will also undergo a very dramatic change.
This weekend, every little thing on this blog is going to change, and I will be posting again.
I hope a few friends still read this, and maybe are still blogging themselves. I've lost touch with many friends in my travels, and it would be great to fix that.

Sunday, May 9

Hi :)

I'm not really prepared to write an entire blog today. I just got an email from a friend of my daughter's that went to EOD school with her. He googled EOD and found my blog with a pic of Nikki :D hahahaha Too funny. A nice little mother's day present for me from my past life!
Just thought that I'd see if anyone is here.
If anyone is, Happy Mother's Day! :D

Saturday, January 31


So, while we are setting up for the shows here at "O", the audio department plays CD's in the back ground. I want to put together a disk of cover songs.

I already have; "I will survive" by Cake, "Blue Monday" by Orgy, "Hurt" by Johny Cash.. you get the idea!

Please post help in the comments :D If you would like a copy of the finished CD let me know.


Friday, January 9

hats hats and more hats

So, I made a pact with a good friend on his b-day to do a good thing for charity. Now, on March 8th... we're shaving our heads!

Right.... I know!!

But its for a great charity call "St.Baldricks".
You get people to sponser you... and then they use the money to help fund children's cancer research. If your hair is long enough, they even donate your ponytail to locks of love.
Had I known this, I wouldn't have got my hair cut this summer hahaha.

So, anyways, I'm getting my head shaved on March 8th, and I need everyone's help.
If you would like to help me reach my goal of $500.oo, go here
and help :)
If you go donate, make sure to let me know... there will be a drawing for some hand dyed "nobody Dyes" sock yarn! :D

Also.. since I'm knitterly.. I'm using this oportunity to knit and crochet up a bunch of chemo caps! :) Also to be donated by my bald self!

Maybe this will make me feel better about all of the charity stuff I didn't acomplish last year... hahaha.
Thanks in advance for your help :D