Monday, July 30


So, is it just here where its HOT that we enjoy watching people work in cold climates?
Last night my family was sitting around watching "Ice Road Truckers", and it hit me.... first "The Deadliest Catch", then this.
The more I think about it though, its not just cold jobs. We spend all day at work, then we come home and watch other people do their jobs on Discovery, TLC, even the History Channel!
The more I think about it, its not only with work!
Who else out there watches the food network while eating take out?!? Or watching home improvement shows sitting in a completely un-decorated house!
When you get tired watching people work, cook, or do-it-thierselves, you can flip over to the Travel Channel and watch people take vacations!
Are all of these shows simply the effect of reality TV taking over? Have we become a nation of voyeurs?
Time to go watch the Simpsons!


Angie said...

I have to agree with you (although I am guilty of a couple of "reality" shows). I miss you! Can you come on Saturday?


Mary Sarah said...

You're right! We watch the Food Network, HGTV and DIY Network. I like the organization shows. Why? Who knows? Hope to see you soon!