Thursday, July 19


So, I got my pads last night, and the hitting began! Unfortunately, so did the running in shoulder pads and a helmet! Everything feels sooo tight! I am going to buy my own helmet! The ones that are available to borrow come in just the standard S, M, L... and so on. Apparently I'm a M and a half! hahahhaa I still have a headache from that thing! Agh.. its squeezing my brains out my eye balls... hahahha
Someone should start making shoulder pads that have room for boobs! :) I'm just sayin' I think a few of us would buy em' that's all I'm sayin'!
I am sore today!!! But, I'm also excited. Last night I was playing offensive tackle, but the line coach had to tell me what my assignment was for each play. He said that he would meet me at practice early tonight to go over the plays with me! Rock on! maybe I won't feel so stupid now :D

Anyways, the cc is meeting at the book store Friday night for HARRY POTTER! I am going to try to atleast stop by and see you all! I missed ya'll on Tuesday :( Don't laugh at my hobbling either, cause I can't hobble at football, but I'll be darned if I'm going to play tough girl when they aren't looking! hahaha

I have been working on the gold Lustre Sheen Saraphina, and also the big blankie! I will bring the shawl with me on Friday, but the blankie is getting too big to travel!


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Anonymous said...

check the back of the helmet, some of them pump up with a hand inflater (like for a basketball) wear a bandana under the helmet or you'll get the red dot on the forhead. remember the first week of school the football players all had red dot forheads...thank god I had bangs. Put your shoulder in em and keep your feet moving..proud of ya...rock on! Also I still have scars under my arms from the shoulder pad straps rubbing with my bra, it used to cut me open...I would recommend a tank top between you and the gear. Growing up with dad and a 70 year old woman I didn't know what a tank top was.