Friday, July 6


So, its finally here!! This week seemed twice as long as normal didn't it? Like Mon-Tues was a week and Thur-Fri is another one!
My phone went swimming on the 4th! Then, it was set out to dry and someone stole my battery!! No F'en bueno!! You shouldn't bring people that you barely know or don't know if you can trust, to a "family" get together!! That's all I'm going to say about that!
So, my phone was looking like it worked, but half the buttons were not getting a response, so I went down and had my number attached to our back-up phone, and now I have to send in a claim to the warrenty company so I can get a new razor. I wonder if they will send me a pink one instead?
Well, I will post some pics later this weekend :D

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