Thursday, June 28

Anyone need some fireworks?


I'm not sure if its my monitor, or the flourescent lights at work, but blogs look much better on my home computer!

Here is the lovely double crochet that Sandy was working on Tuesday.
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I love pink and yellow together!

I got to spend all night sitting in a fireworks stand! Go SPV!! That may not sound like fun, but it depends on the company! I got to sit and chat with the qb's mom and dad, they are from WI, and although I am technically from IL, I was only 7 miles from the border, and my parents and some friends live in WI now, so that counts!
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My hubby did some work on my bike tonite :D
The neck bearings got greased and ready,
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They were also actually on the bike, with the triple trees, but there is some kind of difficulty going on with the offset neck cups :( The guy that is doing my motor is the one that suggested these, so he is supposed to stop by tonite to help, but it is 10pm and he hasn't been here yet, so I don't know if he's coming tomorrow instead or what?
Anyways, the rest of the front end stuff and the axel stuff has been sorted out and made ready.
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The tap-it blocks have been removed from the bottom end (motor) and have been cleaned.
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The manual has come out... and been opened!
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And, because it IS a shovelhead, and it IS going to still be old school, not to mention the fact that it is MY bike hahahaha, I did manage to rattle can some stuff before I left for the fireworks stand.
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I know I've said this exact phrase more than once, but here goes. Tomorrow, I will hopefully have pics of my georgeously perfect red paint! (atleast, that's what I have been told via my hubby) Altogether now, deep breath... now hold it till I post the pics hahahahah!


Wednesday, June 27

Saraphina's for everyone!!

So, I took my camera to cc last night! We had a small yet prolific group, it was nice.

Mindy was there..
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which was really good, cause I haven't seen her in like forever!

Jamie only has a few more weeks with us.. :(
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But she brought this great blankie that she made when she was 12 I think..
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beautiful! (I didn't finish my first full size blankie until I was 26ish!)

Here's Tina's Seraphina..
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nice yarn choice!

Of course, since I remembered Tina's name, I couldn't remember this lady's name..
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but her Saraphina is moving right along!

Sandy is working on a 63 square afgahn in three shades of blue..
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this is little guy #4. She was also picking up a new trick, a pink and yellow reversable swatch made using a cro-hook that I took a picture of, but apparently I didn't load it into photobucket :(

Angie is assembling another comfort-gahn for charity :D
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the squares are great, but the one she added to the mix IS the best, one of Sandy's donated squares is in there also, very nice!

We'll finish the cc pics with one more of Mindy's
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cause I like the yarn, and her pigtails, and a pic of the blankie I was working on.
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It was brought to my attention last night, that I have not posted any pics of my puppies! What a bad Mommy I am!
This is Schidgy (she came with the name)
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She is 8ish. She's a blue healer, very smart dogs! I recomend them to anyone that doesn't have small children, they are born trying to herd things, so they try to keep everyone together, and can get kinda snippy. Very good for keeping the kids on the couch though.. "take a leg" and "get the kitty" are her favorite words.
The biggest Coco..
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She is 3. We got here from Lied Animal Shelter, they labeled her a Rotweiller, but she has obvious signs of sheppard. She does not know her own size! She's a pretty good dog.. she LOVES little kids and plays really well with my baby..Emma (named after Ross and Rachele's baby.. yes I'm a Friends geek!)
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She is the sweetest little crazy dog of them all! She is a 2 year old, half Malteese, half Yorkie. This mix has become a recognized breed of its own now, but I can not remember what it is. She is the only one that will play fetch.. she loves fries, and hates short humans.. including kids, Bucky, and Frank! hahahaha

Before I went to cc, the hubby and I went to Cecil's to get some bike parts :D !!!
These are the chrome split oil lines..
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they deliver oil to both heads at the same time. The stock oil system sends oil to the rear head which has to fill-up and over flow into the front head. This "new" way keeps the motor cooler, very important in the blow drier, I mean in Vegas.

We also got the rest of the bolts to put the motor together..
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these chrome acorn nuts will look really good since the whole motor is flat black :D
I also found some rocker arm bolts that are BRASS!! They match the pretty covers that I bought a couple monthes ago. Sweet!

Here are the bolts and dust covers that we actually went to Cecil's for ahahhaha
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This is all we needed to get the frame to the point of "rolling chasis". Rock ON!

Hopefully I will have pictures of the pretty paint job to show you tonight! but I'm not holding my breath.


Monday, June 25

Bathroom pretty :D (almost)

So, its my middle daughters birthday, she is 17! WOO HOO! We went to Lone Star for dinner.. mmmm! My son went to the bathroom just as we were getting up to leave, so we ran out to the car and started to pull out.. he came running up to the car, and he was like "nnoooo don't leave me again!!" all dramatic like! hahaha everyone in the parking lot, and all the waitress were laughing at us. I was laughing so hard.. I had to re-park the car cause I couldn't breath!

Anywho, I got alot of work done on my main bathroom on Saterday!!! woo hoo!
I didn't tell my hubby what I was doing work on, I just told him that I was going to drastically change something, he was convinced that I painted "his" fireplace all weekend! He was very happy to see that his brick is still unpainted.. so far haha!

So, I still need to do something with the floor, install the door, touch up some paint, and replace the light switch and electrical plug, but for now, lets move right long to the pics..

Here is the toilet in the hall.

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Too funny, had to take a pic.

Here's the old torn up door, did I mention my house spent the first 32 years of its life as a rental?

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How many colors has this bathroom been?

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Margie 28ish - tile 0

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I even tore off all the old molding!

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Toilet no leaky!!! yeah!!! I was so nervous about taking it out to remove the tile, but it had to be done to do the floor right.. but its all good! Its alot easier than you would think!

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Like my wainscoating?

Here's the new door frame :D

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I cut a whole in the wall..

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to make some built in shelves. The bathrooms are so small, they are both getting this up-grade!

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They didn't turn out too bad for a beginner! I learned some valuable lessons for the built ins that are going to go into the master bathroom :D haha

And, here is the crown molding..

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This is the corner that worked! hahaha I will need to do some more work on the other corner, that is the light fixture that I installed before we moved in :D I have one like it for the master bath, but since it has not been painted yet, it has not been installed.

I cleaned and etched the floor, but it did not get as pretty as I hoped it would :( I think that I am going to have to go with a couple different shades of stain to cover it nicely.. I have to get something figured out before I can tear up the rest of the old ugly tile with the "I hope its supposed to be that dark, cause other wise that's grose" grout!

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On Sunday, the wife of the guy that my hubby was out of town with, invited me to come over and hang in the pool, we had a cook out, it was very nice. I would like to say.. "Thanks for the VERY yummy steak!", Now I will send her a link to here so she can read that hahahahaha!

OH.. and my bestest friend back in IL has jumped on my "go to the gym" band wagon!!!
She is doing very well!! Rock on!! "why" indeed!

And now I'm all caught up!! Sweet! I'm going to go pack my gym bag and go to bed!

Late :D

PS. 41 people have been here!??! I think it must be counting some of you 2 or 3 times or something!! If you have time post a comment so I can see how many of you there really are :D Sweet!!

Friday, June 22

Really quick bike stuff :D

So, I am just about running out the door to meet my bf Suzie for diner, but I wanted to leave ya'll with some pics, and a movie if I can get it to post..!

My buddy from work finished the forward controls that I started altering a while ago. The before pics are here. (at the bottom) And here are the after pics! :D
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They are way awsome, yes? Here is a during video!

Thanks buddy! He said, "I've never had anyone want me to mess up thier chrome before, but OK".

I'm supposed to go pick up my new and improved paint job tomorrow sometime, you know there will be pics of that up here finally! :D

I have other big plans for tomorrow too!! I will be working on remodeling my main bathroom!! (Did I mention my hubby is out of town this weekend hahaha!) I'll do what I want! hahaha We'll see what I can get done without breaking anything! The kids will have to use the bathroom in my bedroom till its done, so there's some motivation not to go too far!! hahah

Well, I don't want to leave Suzie waiting!


Thursday, June 21

Fashion or Masochism??

So, did that get your attention as well as Sex, Sex, Sex? hahhahaha HI JAMIE!!

So, at one time or another, I have been thought to be a lesbian. The reasons given for thinking it are; my job, my type A personality, the fact that I ride my own motorcycle, and the fact that I wear comfortable shoes! Now, I know many straight women that have these same wonderful characteristics, but don't get me started on that.

Oh yeah, my point, there it is!! hahaha! If comfortable shoes are truely a sign of sexual preference, then I have seen the straightest woman EVER!!

So, if you look closely at my "lochness monster" quaility phone pic, you can see that this woman has a knee brace and an ankle brace on her left leg, but she's not going to let that stop her from wearing 4" stelletoes to work all day!!! No sirry bob!

DAMN that's straight!!

Now, I found it funny when I saw her yesterday, but when she did it again today, I couldn't resist taking a pic. and asking her about it. Sorry, that's how I roll hahahhaah!

She said, "yeah my leg hurts, but it hurts in comfy shoes too! I feel naked without my heels." She then tried to explain that she needs to look "professional" since she works in the offices and all.

I tried to nicely hint that "crazy" was more the look she was accomplishing, and what office does she work in where foot fetish shoe wear is "professional"?! She just laughed at me (common response) and went on her way... Very good sence of humor! I like this crazy lady :D

Late. :D

Wednesday, June 20


WOO HOO, more blogs!!!! I have added you all to my links! Hookers everywhere!!!

So, I did not get any pics from diving.. or from sitting on the boat sick :( I did get one from work when I was leaving Friday. This is from the very back of the stage while they were getting pre-set for the show.

Sorry about the quality, phone pic.

I have started yet another Seraphina.. hahahha I now have 3 going in 3 different kinds of yarn :D I am also working on a blankie.. I couldn't get things to gauge properly, so that has become a ripple-gahn. I've also been working on some dish clothes... I can't help it, the cotton varigated yellow yarn was just too purty!

My bike hasn't gotten anywhere yet this week :( atleast not at home. The motor guy is working on the motor (I think) and the painter is working on the paint (I think). I should be able to get all the pieces back to the house this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, my hubby is going out of town for a motorcycle thing, so I'm going to try to get some of the work done on the house. I'm not sure what I'm going to do, it will depend on how much $ is left after I pay bills.


Sunday, June 17

Happy Father's Day!!

So, at 5 am, I was on my way to the Eagle's Lodge to cook Father's Day breakfast!! I can not believe how tired I was! I stayed up a little too late last night crocheting dish clothes hahaha! I'm such a geek!

Anyways, I was not able to complete my adv. SCUBA dives last week :( I was not able to clear my ears at 35 feet :(.. My dive buddy and I ascended a little to see if I could get past it, but I got the spins REALLY bad! He took me to the surface and got me back to the boat.. THANK YOU BUDDY!! I tried sitting on the boat for a while, but the motion wasn't allowing me to get over my dizzyness, so I ended up swimming over to an island. Thank you captain Mike!

So, I will have to go back and try again later. I am going to try some special diving earplugs that our physio dept keeps on hand at work. I am also due for a dive exam, so I will have the dive DR check my ears while I am there. I am pretty sure that it is just my allergies!

My hubby put my new kicked out neck cups and my swing arm back on the frame!!! My paint is back with the painter, we simplified the custom logo, and I picked the font and color myself, so hopefully I will have that back by the end of the week!! It's all coming together.. excellent.. oh except the hubby is going out of town next weekend :( But, we will hopefully still be able to get it done by the end of the month.

Late :D

Wednesday, June 13

No room for insecurities

So, I just realized there is a spell checker on here!! :D Doesn't something about "insecurities" look wrong? I thought so too, but apparently that's how it goes..

Anyways.. just so you know, no matter what size your wet suit is, there is absolutely no room for insecurities in it! You wouldn't believe how quietly the boys in my class were saying the size they needed in the X-tra thick suits! Come on!!
The way I see it, if they couldn't tell that I was fat before they saw me in a wet suit, then the problem does not lie with my butt, but maybe with their eyes..! hahhaha
What brings this up?? I am in adv. SCUBA training for the rest of the week!! I love my job! ~ sometimes I get to spend all day Thurs. (tomorrow) and Fri. at Lake Mead SCUBA diving! I love it!
We are doing a couple shore dives tomorrow, and then Friday we are out on a dive boat. I'm a little nervous about the deep dive, but I trust our instructors, all will be good!
I'm debating wither or not to take my camera. Hey, maybe my boss will let me take the one my department has for pool pics... :) water proof case! I could even get some pics in the water!!! Oh, I hope he is cool with that!!

Speaking of pics, I have some for ya from last weekend.

The weekend started with football.
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My son's team ended up winning the tournament.. woo hoo!!!!
I just found out today that there is another tourney this weekend :D Right ON!

The rest of the weekend was spent swimming, (as if I don't get enough of that at work).

For any of you that have never had a chance to hang out with bikers, here is a rare glimpse of a biker b-day/ pool party.. I've never seen so many fully clothed people in a pool.... on purpose that is, well.... most of them were in on purpose hahahhaa. My hubby does not like to swim alone apparently :D
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This pool and backyard is great!!
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The birthday girl designed it.. she owns a company that designs pools and ponds and anything else you could want in your backyard when you live in the middle of the desert!!
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Look at this water fall!!! :D Too much fun!
There was a band..
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and some dry people..
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
and of course, some bikes :D...
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

We had so much fun, we ended coming back on Sunday night with a different group of friends after Chickenbone's surprise b-day Pizza 'n Cake at the newly re-opened Chicago Inn...
The "CI" is a long time hang out of mine, but it was burnt down by Eggroll Express.. who made the BEST crab rangoon ever! (They were not included on the rebuild) But finally, after like 2 years, the CI is back, and very nicely done I must say!
All of their Chicago memorabilia burnt in the fire though :( Next time I go home, I will have to bring them something back to hang on their wall :D!!

Well, I need to be well rested for my day at the beach tomorrow!! Hahaha suckers that have to go work.... don't be too jealous, I do have to spend a lot of time out of the water in the 110 degrees.... I'll try to get some pics some how.


fyi, if you have pics linked to your blog, and you run spell check, it messes up the links and you have to redue them!!
g-night :D

Tuesday, June 12

Nothing to see here...

So, I spent the whole weekend swimming and carrying on, but didn't really get anything done..
I bought some yarn :D Got started on a KING size afgan for a wedding gift.. and bought some for a b-day coming up. I'm a little over half done on the Luster Seraphina :D I probably won't work on that one again for a while though with the other 2 things coming up sooner :D

My hubby got a good chunk of the garage organized last night, so some of the storage got out of my room!! We are still trying to find a way to make all the stuff fit.. I'm going to attempt to get some built in shelves installed in my bathroom this weekend! That would make life much easier!

I have cc tonight, and my hubby is going to be working on my motor.. and we are taking the paint back to the painter on Saterday. I'm going to hold my breath and hope that it all comes back GOOD and SOON! Hopefully we will be able to get on assembly in earnest next week!

Adv. SCUBA training is here :D!! I get to spend half the day in class tomorrow, and then two full days out at the lake! Rock on.. not a bad way to spend the rest of the week!

I'll try to post some pics from my friend's way cool backyard that she designed!! She owns Desert Drafting! Her backyard is soooo BA.


Friday, June 8


So, I have a couple football games to go to tonight! Rock on! On little boy is going to be on V this year :D There is a little mini-tourney this weekend. Then I think its just practices until he goes to camp in July.
I have a b-day party to go to tomorrow afternoon for my seestor Juls, and then we have something kinda on Sunday, but I'm going to try to get something done around the house too.. oh yeah, the garage. And maybe one of the bathrooms will get a built in cabinet this weekend too.
That's the plan anyways.
Sorry I haven't been doing anything really interesting this week, but as my bike starts going back together, I will make sure there are lots of pics and details..
Alrighty then.. off to football (I'm leaving early so I can stop at the REALLY big yarn store) I need to make a big ol' king size blankie for a couple of friends that are getting hitched the first week of Sept :D

Thursday, June 7


So, I cleaned my kitchen!!! yeah Sounds mundane, but when you have been living out of boxes for a few weeks, that is exciting! I still have more to do in there, but it is lookin' good.

I'm going to help my hubby in the garage next, that way we will have room to move some storage out there from my closet, and make room in my closet for other stuff.. (like the yarn that is still in my dinning room)

It will also make room in the garage to assemble my bike!!! My lovey port and polished the rear head last night :D We are going to go over which parts need to go back to painter tonight so we can take it to him this weekend :( I hope it gets done right fast!
We are also going to go through and take inventory of everything that we have and that we need so we can go shopping for the rest. It looks like we should have it done by the end of the month!! :D Its going to be soooo cool!


Tuesday, June 5

I'm baaaaack!

So, my hubby and son got the cable where it needs to be for me to be online at home :D :D
I'm going to load a bunch of pics.. say when!!

Sorry I missed cc tonight ladies, but I have been working on my SeriphinaS!!

On the way to Kern river, I ran out of homespun...
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But in Inyokern, I found an antique store.. forgot to take a pic :( She had a bag of Red Heart Luster Sheen in her back shed.. so I started another one. I was working on it at the tattoo shop Monday night..
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So, my trip to Kern River was GREAT!! Except for the SNAKE that tried to float on my raft with me.. NOT COOL!!

Cowboys may ride into the sunset, but bikers ride out of the sun rise!!
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Here's some cops eating doughnuts!!!! hahahaha
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Ladies and Gentlemen.. Kern River
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There was a fire over the mountain when we were leaving..
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We stopped at this neat little diner for dinner on the way home..
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Where my bag was stolen out of one of the pick-ups!!
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Luckily one of the waitresses was leaving when it happened.. the little ol' Lady chased them down and called the cops!!
Don't worry folks, I got all my dirty clothes back!! whew.. that was close!!

Let's see.. ah pics from the house you have not seen...

Here is the wall my men built..
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and the painted kitchen cabinets that WILL be replaced!
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Anyone know how many years bad luck this will be?? does it count as A mirror if they are all lined up together like this?
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

OH!!! Motorcycle talk!! My hubby got the machine shop started on my motor work today!! :D He is going to be over there port and polishing my heads so that when the guy is done with his part, we will be ready to put the motor together!

Also, I was going to put shorter springs in the front forks to lower the bike, but my hubby came up with a plan to put different bushings on the front forks to rake them out a little which will make it look just a little longer and lower.. way old school!! good one hun :D

Hey, I even got my 2 weeks worth of laundry done tonight!! And sealed the grout in my master shower...
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I'm sooo sleepy.. night all :D