Friday, July 20

Sooooo tired.

So, I am having problems finding the energy to keep my eyes open! I don't have practice tonight! I'm going to go order my helmet, hopefully see some of the girls at borders, then I am going to go float in my buddy Suzie's pool!!

Saturday is our first scrimmage, it is at 6:30 at Ed Fountain Park. It's against one of the teams from LA. I'm so nervous! It'll be a good test of our abilities and team work though. Hope to see some of ya out there!

I'm hoping to get some crochet time in on Sunday!! Or maybe some work on the bike.. I'm not sure. Either way, I should have something else to post about besides football :D


ps. Thanks for the advice 80! I'm going to order one of the inflatable helmets tonight, and one of the tall O linemen "adjusted" (means hit them down really hard) them for me last night.. it made them kinda suction down on my shoulders.. much better.. till I moved that is hahahah

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Mary Sarah said...

Good luck in your game! You'll do great! Do me a favor ... be careful! Ok, I guess that's not the sportsman kind of thing to say. So, kick butt!