Monday, December 31

Last one for '07

So, I have been thinking about the next year, and I have come to the conclusion that this would be the best place to put my goals! That way I can't hide them and deny them later!! hahaha

I already posted my crochet/ knit goals, both personal and charity.
I will have more projects than queued on Ravelry.
I will have a pattern book published.. either of just my designs, or combined with my cc.
I will make a longer running commitment to the gym.. Tues-Fri.
I will eat healthier! No diet though.. well, except for the no fried potato diet hahaha!
I will cook at home more often than I eat out.
I will ride my motorcycle more.. shouldn't be hard since it was down almost all this year.
I will pay more debt than I incur.
I will learn how to create web sites for future endeavors.
I will do what I can to help my son pick a college. And get there! hahaha
I will take more photos. And PRINT THEM! And HANG THEM UP!
I will post a regular basis.. at least once a week.
I will leave the west coast at least twice.
I will take a trip up HWY 1 on the CA coast to wine country with my BFF Suzy.
I will get my floors, my kitchen, and my backyard DONE!

Well, I think that's it.
I wonder if I will regret this post in the morning.. hahhaha!
We'll see!

Wish me luck!!


So, I have been excepted into the Heart Made Blessings family :) They have all been very welcoming, I can't wait until I am assigned a mentor so I can start donating :D!!

Also, after reading THE yarn harlot today, and remembering that my friend Val mentioned that she would like argyle leg warmers, I have decided to put her blankie on the maybe later this year's list and make the sock pattern that YH linked to for her next argyle project only made into leg warmers! YEAH! Now I'm down to one blankie before April :) and one brand new thing to try! WOO HOO!

Also, my friend Anna has sent me some yarn that I am going to turn into something and send back to her for her b-day in March.

Well, I hope ya'll have a great New Year's eve. Don't Drink and Drive!! I want to see ya'll back here next year!!


Saturday, December 29

Did ya miss me?

So, as you can tell by my new layout, I am ready for spring! Anyone else?
I mean, don't get me wrong, knitting with wool is a lot more fun when it is cold, but this is supposed to be the desert! :)
Maybe I would not mind the cold so much if I had kept one of the billion scarves that I've made hahaha!
Perhaps the next one :)

Let's see.. did everyone get their x-mas projects done on time?
I did, but I must admit, my list was not too ambitious. Just a couple pairs of knit socks, and a couple crocheted scarves.
I am currently trying to finish a couple helmet liners for my daughter before she heads back to her Army EOD training. :(
I'm going to miss her!
I am using Patons Classic Wool for both, the crocheted one is dark olive and the knit one will be natural.
I will make her try them on so I can post picks for ya'll :)

I found this charity through a link from somewhere and decided that I should make sure my kid's head is warm and then start sending some in to these great ladies for the rest of the troops.
I am also working on some socks for... me!!
That's right all, I'm going to make something for myself!
I am making Monkey socks out of Collinette Jitterbug in FIRE! Talk about a hot foot.. hahaha I'm funny.
I have a just a few rounds of the lace on the first sock started.

I have been looking over my planed projects for this year.
co-worker's baby due Jan. - bath set
co-woker2's baby due Feb. - bath set
biker sister's b-day Feb. - scarf
Jen's wedding April - blankie and socks
Val (in time for Jen's wedding so I don't have to mail it) April - duvet cover
biker sister's b-day in July - blankie
There will probably be a couple scarves also along the way.. perhaps one even for me.

Other than that, I've decided to make time for some charity work.
These are the ones I'm planing on so far:
Helmet liners for our Troops goal of one per month
Heartmade Blessings goal of one square per month
Project Linus goal of atleast 2 blankies
I'll keep ya'll updated on my progress.

Hmm lets see what else has been going on.
My oldest is home from the Army for a couple weeks, her bf is here with her. He proposed Thursday night at the fountains in front of the Bellagio.. she said yes :D We are all very happy, he is a good guy!

The middle one is living with her mom.

The youngest got his Varsity Letterman Jacket this month!! He also got his DL last month, and he and my Hubby have been working on his '65 Olds trying to get it all tuned up so he can start driving his own car instead of mine all the time.

I'm sure there is more, but that is all I can think of right now.

I'm back...

Sunday, December 16


So, in spite of my busy work schedule and getting a few things done around the house, my x-mas knitting is done!!
I actually only sat down at the computer to design the labels to go with the presents!
I'll be posting more soon!! I promise :D

Tuesday, December 11

Workin' on it!

So, I'm sorry I haven't had time to post lately :(
I have been knitting every spare minute at home, and we have been "dark" at work.
That means there are no shows for 2 weeks. We empty the pool and do a whole bunch of work that we could not do other wise.
I will be back to blogging as soon as possible! Hopefully early next week!
I will have pics and everything, I promise I will make it up to you!! :) !!