Monday, April 30

Holy shhh cow!

So, sorry I haven't posted the pics that I promised, but I think I bought a house this weekend. Now it is 1am and I can not sleep! I guess this is what they call buyers remorse?? maybe.. I'm not sure. Maybe tomorrow I will feel better. Although with no sleep I don't know if that's possible.

Friday, April 27


So, sorry I haven't posted in a few days, I have been BUSY!
I have been back on my 2 hours crochet then the rest of the night in the garage working on the bike!!
The fruit stripes blankie is done, but I think I may add a border to it.
On the bike.. :D I have been doing mostly parts cleaning, getting everything that I'm going to spray flat black myself prepped. Last night, I started the customization of my forward controls. I gained 2.25" on each side, so that is a gain of 4.5" total heal to heal. I think it will make a world of difference.
I promise I will post pics of both on going projects sometime this weekend!
Oh yeah, I have also been looking at houses!! My hubby and I are going to look at a house a neighborhood over on Saturday morning that looks very promising. If we get it, you will all get to see a bunch of before and after remodeling pics. :D

Tuesday, April 24

Early Out ;*(

So, I had to leave cc early tonight :( It was for a good cause though, my daughter needed help buying a plane ticket home! It took about 15 mins, but I had to take care of it right away!!! Not really, there was way more than 1 ticket left, but that's ok, she'll sleep better knowing its taken care of, and that's what evil step-moms are for :D So she's all set now, and I still have about an hour to crochet here at home.

Jamie and Mindy didn't make it to cc before I left, but it was still very early, hopefully they made it. Mindy, I hope your dr's apt went well, and Jamie, I hope you make it back to cc before you move!!

The last few weeks at cc have been all about the socks.. well, not tonight!! Almost everybody was CROCHETING (go figure.. it is a crochet club hahahaha) blankets! It was a great, kinda like the first few meetings that I attended. Not that there is anything wrong with knitting.. I don't care who does what.. I'm not a crochet snob.. hahahaha

I'm gonna go crochet!
bye :D

Monday, April 23

Pretty powder coating :D

So, I picked up the rest of my powder coated pieces today. This is my nose cone, the part that the guy forgot last week.

That's cool though, he was very professional, and the parts look really good, so I'm a happy girl.
I couldn't wait to get out the covers that I bought to see how they look with the black..

Very dramatic, I'll have to wait until I get the painted pieces so I can decide if its going to work or not.. I hope it does, I love the old school diamond cut pattern!

My oldest step-daughter is coming home (from the Army) for a few days leave before she reports to her next training post! She will be home next Thursday!! I can't wait, I miss her sooo much and I'm so proud of her. Nikki, YOU ROCK!

I got some crocheting in tonight also...

The little girl is going to out grow it before I get it done! I'll get some work done on it tomorrow night at cc for sure. I hope Jamie is there tomorrow.. I miss her, she has not made it in a few weeks :(

Well, I'm going to pack my gym bag and go to bed..
night all

Sunday, April 22

Recruit Info

So, we got some valuable information about how to get our son a free ride scholar ship through college. Lots a valuable information.
It was a fun day, and my little boy did a great job.

My question is, why do the dads feel the need to dress like they are competing?

Talk about trying to live through your kids.. :D hahahahaha

And to all the single moms out there.. yeah you might be able to meet some nice single dad at a function like this, but remember, you are there to help and support your child first and formost.. cover your T and A.. its embarassing. (too embarassing for a pic even) You're not helping your kids.. you're not setting a good example, and you're not going to attract the kind of guy that you want as a role model for them!

Sorry about that, someone had to say it!


Friday, April 20

So, and all that...

So, I was reading a few of my posts, and realized that I say "so" an awful lot. In honor of this, I went back to the one or two posts that did not start out with "so" and edited them so that now they all start with so.
I feel much better now. (ocd?? sorry)
So anyways, I picked up most of my motorcycle parts that were at the powder coater.
This is my lovely frame with my new seat on it :D

I will try to take pics of all the progress and post it as I go.

So, tomorrow is a big day for my family! The National Collegiate Scouting Association and Recruits Unlimited are holding an event for high school football players to go get all of their stats tested and posted for all of the college football recruiters to check out so they can decide who they want to watch and talk to and well recruit hahaha.. and of course, my son was invited to attend! ROCK AND ROLL!
My husband has to work, so it will just be me and my baby boy going, but that's just fine! There are going to be actual college recruiters there! and they are also holding a workshop for the parents so that we know what to do and how to do it to get our kids looked at by the schools they want to go to! Also, how to decide on the right school, and how to know what schools are really interested.. SWEET!!
It's going to be a really big day!

Then I have a couple biker things to go do in the evening. It'll be fun too, but nothing compared to my morning!!

Thursday, April 19

Thank you Aunt Purl

So, I was reading one of the 3 blogs that I keep up with the best I can, and I thought, how wierd and wonderful this all is. To put your inner most thoughts and feelings out in the world... the WHOLE world. That is what the www is after all, the world wide web!!

That people we don't even know could be reading our "diary" and finding comfort and hope, and feel a little less alone. We are all in this together after all aren't we. How wonderful.

And, its a 2 way street! GREAT! Not only can we read about others, learn from their insight, but we can also put our thoughts out there! Any little thought or feeling.. just put it right on out there! We can just look right on inside and with out fear of being judged or being wrong, we can just freely let it flow, get it out, get it off our chests, and hopefully even come to conclusions about ourselves, "find" ourselves if you will.

I don't know if the same feeling comes from keeping the little pink diary with a key under your pillow, I never was the "diary" type, or if it only comes from thinking that maybe someone, somewhere has stumbled across my little page and maybe they have made similar observations about life or themselves, or maybe something I say here may help someone see things in a new light like other's blogs have done for me?.. Someone that I'll never know, never converse with, not even know they were here.

Hmmm I like it.

Wednesday, April 18


So, I was having a fine day.. made it all the way to the employee parking garage!!
Then a co-worker handed me a copy of an email that the head of my department sent to the assistant head of my department. Lets just say that the HOD Ahod and I will be having a loooong talk with HR tomorrow!

so yeah

So, I got what I wanted :D but I am VERY tired today. Getting up to go to the gym was a battle! But I did get up and I did work out, and now I'm at work.
I hope you hard core late nighters at cc had a good rest of your evening.
I wish I would have brought my camara last night so I could have posted a pic of Angie's finished sock and Mindy's finished sock.. and Veronica's HUGEmongous granny blankie, and Sandy's beautiful square and the comfortghan that Angie finished assembling (w/ a square from Sandy, and one from Angie).
Gotta go, as I mentioned, I'm at work ahhahaha

Tuesday, April 17

woo hoo

So, that's not what you think.. get your minds out of the gutter!!! (haha like I'm one to talk!!) So anyways, I got home and "come right upstairs when you get home" turned into "I just want to watch this deadliest catch and I'll be right up"
Yeah I know!!

So, what was the woo hoo for then?? I was able to log on from HOME!! Hopefully I will not have anymore problems!

Now I get to bore you all with pics of the pieces of my bike that are actually currently in my possession.

This is my new seat next to my old seat. The solo seat is the new one. My kids are too big to ride on the back with mom, and my new paint job is too pretty to cover up.. so solo seat exactly like my old seat :D

These are the few pieces that are going on the bike the same way they came off of it.

These are pieces I am painting FLAT black.

These are all the nuts and bolts.. you'ld thing there would be more...

This is my new 5 speed tranmission, my rear break is up in the corner there, and my new hand controls are also in this box somewhere..

Hopefully I will have more parts of it back by the end of the week so I can bore you all with more pics of it!!!

Monday, April 16


So, I did not post all weekend, for some reason I could not log in from home?
Saturday I got to see the paint on my gas tank. Turns out, the reason it wasn't done when it was supposed to be is because my painter and husband changed it from a single color to a custom graphic! It is sooo cool! But it is giving the painter some minor troubles, so that is why I have not been able to take possession of my painted parts.
While I was visiting my gas tank at the Tattoo Inc., I decided to get my newly gauged ears changed from hoops to my pretty little plugs. Unfortunately, the plugs that I bought are hour glass shaped, so the guy had to stretch my ears again just to get the things in. I'll post pics tonight if I can log in :D

Thursday, April 12

Gooood night :D

So, after work today, I finally got my birthday pedicure,

(thanks Suzy!)
came home and crocheted a little,

and now.. I'm going to bed early!

good times, good times hehe

Wednesday, April 11

Snow and my ever changing mind.

So, I started out the day by dropping my water bottle just outside my front door on my way to the gym at 4:30 butt crack of morning, as it exploded into a million pieces, soaking my shoes, I thought here we go... its going to be a great day... what a cynic I've become?? when did that happen?
Well, the day did not get worse, everything went just like it should. SWEET.

So, back home (the IL/WI border) they got a sh!t load of snow today!!

Burr Dad looks cold.
My friends Anna and Ady (also back in the midwest) are at a Type O concert tonight in Milwaukee. That should keep 'em nice and warm :D mmmm Peter Steel...

So, I changed my current project again..

It's a modified shell pattern with post stitches. Thanks for the book Angie :D The pattern is pretty simple and it is moving along fast! woo hoo
I have about 3 or 4 current crochet projects going on, and I am in the process of rebuilding my bike, but when that all gets done, I bought some sock yarn.. woo hoo I'm gonna knit a sock.. dare I say even a pair of socks!! Well, I don't want to get too ambitious!

So, I was waiting for a pic from Anna at the concert to post here, (I love cell cameras), but for some reason the pics are not coming through to my phone :( So I'm gonna go to bed. Sorry, if they come through tomorrow, I'll post them :)


Tuesday, April 10

Tuesday Crochet Club!!

So, I'm at cc and I can't get over the fact that I am still working on the same blankie with the same yarn that I have been working with for like ever now.. and did I mention I have been sick of this yarn for like at least 3 weeks. It started as the amazing star blankie.

Then (when I could not get it to lay flat) it became a zig-zag blankie.

I realized tonite at cc that I do not have enough yarn to finish this blankie.. no matter what shape.
Luckily our coordinator extraordinaire found a meeting place that shares a parking lot with a yarn source!
Since I can no longer stand the sight of this yarn, I decided to go with something a little different.
The problem is that as I get older, I seem to be developing a little OCD, not so much a problem for me, but, well let me just tell ya.
I calmly approached the wall 'o yarn, and smiled at the kind older lady that was shopping for some soft pastel baby yarn.
So far so good..
I picked the first combination of colors that caught my eye and put them in my basket. Unfortunately, I was unable to walk away from the wall.. I put the yarn back, and picked up a different combo..
and then another..
walking back and forth from the purples.. isn't that her fav. color?..
back to the yellows and pinks.. didn't her g-pa just paint her room these colors?.. hmm is it too late to call and ask?..
oh wait.. I told the girl's at cc that I would be right back..
hmmm I like this color.. the blankie is not for me.. should I just get more of the old yarn..?
Hey where did that other lady go? Oh there she is.. it looks like she's shopping for fabric.. no, she's looking at me but standing by the fabric.. odd. Maybe I'm just being paranoid, yeah that's it.
Oh yeah cc. Gotta pick yarn.
Umm the first combo.. that's the ticket. Grab and go!
Huh, the old lady must have changed her mind too, she's going back to the yarn.. now that I have left.. odd.. did I scare her?? Hmmmmm Got the yarn... :D

Same design, different colors. Peace has returned to my world :D
Maybe at the cost of peace in the old lady's world,, I hope she found what she was looking for with out any other psycotic crocheters interupting her.

Mindy.. this is my hubby.. and my little dog too. hehehe
and I think I fixed the comment problem, thank you :D

Hey its late, and its hard enough to get up and go to the gym..

My motorcycle!

So, I dropped off half of my motorcycle at the powder coater today!!! woo hoo.
The painter said I can pick up my painted pieces this Friday and the powder coating will be done by next Friday. Then I'm just waiting for the machine shop to finish my motor. Then I get to put it all back together!

Hopefully it will be done before my motorcycle club's run the Saterday before Mother's day. My oldest step-daughter will be home from the Army that week before continueing here training at the next base, it would be cool if she gets to see it before she goes back :D

Monday, April 9

Pics from work.

So, I don't think I have mentioned it yet, but I work for the circus. This week we are "dark" (no shows). We have several projects going on, but the most important for the show is the cylinder change out.

These bad boys make the 7 different sections of the stage move from 18" above water, to 17' below water at 3 feet per second.

This is looking down at the bottom of the pool. It is drained for the change out.

This is looking up from the bottom of the pool. :D
It is a 25' climb in and out! I made that climb too many times today, and its only Monday! Oh well, its good for my butt!

Well, I have a purple/blue/green blankie for my buddy Ben's grand-daughter that is not going to crochet itself (if it was gonna, it probably would have been done on time, like 2 weeks ago!!) so I better get at it.


I almost forgot. I was on my way out to the parking garage when I looked over at the old Aladin, which they are in the process of changing over to the Planet Hollywood.

I would have paid the sign guys a little overtime to put up at least one more letter.

What do you think??

Sunday, April 8

Happy Easter

So, today was nice and relaxing.. after I cooked dinner that is. My best friend Suzie and her husband came to dinner.
We sent camo colored plastic eggs to my oldest step-daughter that is in the army, I don't think they got there in time, but I hope she likes them.
I'm sorry this is short, but it is late and 4:30am comes early. Gotta go to the gym.. especially after the dinner I had.. and desert.. Thanks Suzie :D

Saturday, April 7

Hello.. welcome to my blog.

So, however you may have found me, I'm glad you are here. I will be using this site to talk about whatever little thing pops into my head.
Please, feel free to comment!!