Wednesday, July 18

Las Vegas Showgirlz! The ONLY Professional Sports Team in Vegas!!

So, I am recieving so much support on the football thing! You all rock! I love you guys!!
If you click on the yellow "women's professional football team" down there, it will take you to the current web-site, the new one is supposed to be up and running next Monday I think. If the address changes, I will put up a new link!
Our schedule is pretty much full for the season! Our home games will be played at
Desert Pine High School
3800 Harris Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89110
I'm not sure about the start times, but I will update ya'll when I find out!!
I hope you get a chance to come out and see us!


1 comment:

Angie said...

So you are a hooker and a showgirl? How could people think you are not a girly-girl? LOL

This so rocks...your games are right down the street from my house! Sweet! :)