Friday, August 3

So, its finally Friday! I'm so tired. Calling in to work even crossed my mind while I was hitting the snooze this morning! I could still be in bed right now. Imagine all the crocheting I could have got done on the GIANT blankie.. or all the knitting I could have done.. !

Wow, no more talk like that or I'll end up going home early.

Speaking of home, my internet is not working :( The cable guy is supposed to come out tomorrow morning between 8-10. That means if I get up at 7:30, so I can be ready for him, he'll show up at 9:59, but if I stay in bed, he'll ring the door bell (that doesn't work) and then leave! So I guess I will be getting up early, I just want it fixed. Besides, if I miss him, they won't come back till next Saturday cause there has to be someone home over 18 :( Otherwise, it would have been fixed yesterday!

Is everyone else ready for school to start? I'm going to go get the school supply shoping done this weekend!

Next week is a "dark" week here at work. There are no shows, so we get to do the big projects that would normally mean taking parts out of the show. That means over-time, which I don't really care for, but it only happens 3 times a year, so I'm not complaining.. yet, although I'm sure I will be next week. We are going to be starting at 6 instead of the normal 7 and we might have to work that Saturday also.. which would have been my last Saturday before the WPFL season starts :(

Speaking of football season. We have 2 weeks that are "bye" weeks between Aug.18th and Oct.20th. Luckily, they both land on weekends that I have other things to do! Our first bye week is Sept. 8th, I have a wedding to go to, and the other is Sept.22nd, which is the weekend of a big motorcycle party that was actually this first bike run that I ever went on back in 2002!

Well, I've gotta get some work done, hopefully my internet will be up and running this weekend so I can post some pics.. of something, I'm not sure what, but I haven't posted any pics in a while.
Any requests?


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