Thursday, May 31

In the closet...

So, my hubby and I raised the hanging rod in the master closet last night :D We had to raise the trim all the way around the closet since the shelf and the rod and everything else in the closet is all linked. It looks and more importantly WORKS great now :D
I just don't understand why they set up closets so that there is 2.5 feet of wasted space below your clothes and 6 feet above the top shelf that really is not strong enough to hold anything that big?? Well now, we have about 3 feet bellow our clothes, (perfect for my little rubbermaid dresser things, and of course for my yarn bins) and about 5.5 feet above the shelf, still more than enough room to stack the now reinforced (thanks honey :D) shelf!
I even managed to get most of the clothes IN the closet! Now I can walk around our massive new bed instead of having to climb up and over the summit of Mnt. St. Hierloom to get to the other side of the room!! YEAHHHH
So, the hubby and I are headed out of town this weekend with his MC! We are going to Kern River :D Oh my I need a vacation.. We missed the first trip out of town with "the boys" in April, so I'm soooo ready to head out TOMORROW!
I will take as many pics as my camera battery allows :D

Tuesday, May 29

Disconnected! :(

So, its amazing how dependant I have become on the internet!! I left work early on Friday to finish up a few things on the house before the mass hysteria of moving this weekend, so it's been 96 hours since I've been online!
Don't get me wrong, I have been so busy, that I probably would not have had time to post much, but I have not even been able to check my bank account or even look for the nearest Taco Bell!!
Hopefully I will have the putter back up and online sometime Wed. night. Why not tonight you ask?? Well its Tuesday.. which means CC woo hoo... I missed last week, and I thought about missing this week so I could get some of the house put together, but the more I thought about it, the more I decided that it is far more important to go crochet in a bar than to work on unpacking! I have all the manditory stuff found!! you know soap.. toothbrush... clean undies!!

So, all of our stuff is in OUR house, and the keys have been turned in to the b!tch.. I mean landlord!! I really dislike her. The only nice thing I can say about her is that she has proven that I have not completely lost my ability to see through sweet talk to the crap beneath. That's all I'll say about that..

I have not gotten any crochet done like all month!! :( I also have not been making it to the gym regularly :( I did get back to the gym this morning, and the scale was kind.. cause although I have been eating like crap since I haven't been able to cook, I have also been getting a good work out at work and at home... I've been moving for like 15 hours a day!

Speaking of work, I'll talk to ya'll later :D

Friday, May 25

Kitchen Done

So, I got the kitchen moved and unpacked :D I'm going to put the cabinet doors back on tonight! Our goal is to get all of our stuff moved this weekend, then on Monday I can get the place cleaned up and we can do our walk through. I think I'll make the hubby do the walk through, he has a way with people.
I'm have a garage sale at the old house on Sat and Sun if needed. Anything left over is going to Good Will.

Thursday, May 24

House.. sleepy..

So, most of the house is painted.. inside. My whole family is tired of painting I think :D But as things get finished, and we are just doing touch ups here and there, the improvements are rewarding.
My son and I got most of the kitchen moved and unpacked!!
I just want to go home, crochet and sleep!!

Monday, May 21

No more POPCORN!!

So, here are many pics of my house.. (I hope)

These are the as is photos, for future reference, they will be the "before" pics :D

This is the front..

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

big dried out pine tree (that will have to come down)..
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
back porch..
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
neighbors fence...
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
ugg mirrors in living room...
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
and popcorn on the ceiling..
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
and on the floor..
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Yeah.. I have the power of photos!! :D
More later, I gotta go paint!!

Such a great employee

So, I set up a photo bucket account, and I can put pics there.. and then put them here from there... hmmmm
Maybe this will work better from home???
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
This is a pic from under the lifts at work. Normally this view is from 25' under water, but about 2 or 3 times a year, the pool is empty for maintenance and repair.. let me tell ya, swimming up from -25' is WAY easier than climbing the ladder up!

THERE WILL BE MANY PICS POSTED TONIGHT!!! as long as the photobucket thing works :D

Pics worky??

So, either the pictures worky, or it's something wrong at home.. :) or :(

This is a picture of Larry from the original mouseketeers..
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

He is a bartender at Bellagio :D I got his autograph.. I'm such a geek!!

Hopefully I can post pics at home.. other wise, I will save them to a disk and load them here at work!! I'm such a good employee hahahhahaha

Saturday, May 19


So, blogger.. dear blogger... why will you not work?? whyeeeeee!!!? I only have like 30 min between working on my new house and passing out, and for some reason, any time I hit the little pic thing.. or try to log in to complain, you shut down my web browser.. ;( These people need to see pics!!

Friday, May 18


So.. there was something wrong with COCKS (cox) last night, so I couldn't load pics for you all to see.. and boy do I have a lot to show you! So, I thought that I would just show ya'll some random pics from work.. but either my network here at work is not letting them load, or there is something up with blogger, I don't know.. :(

Thursday, May 17

Quiet car.. and shopping!!

So, I was working on changing my front brake pads on my car.. (ie I got the tire off and identified the bolts that needed to be removed). Well, said bolts were VERY tight! I asked the hubby if he could loosen them for me, and he grabbed the pnuematic hammer wrench thing.. well, damn why didn't I think of that?? hahaha
So, my role changed from mechanic to supervisor. (tool getter and flash light holder.. oh yeah, and photo taker) I will have to post the pics later, they are at home on my camera, and I am at work... :(
But my brakes work.. quietly :D
So, I signed all my papers for my house last night.. and Thumper is a SUPER REALTOR!! If anyone is looking for a realtor, a finance person, or an escrow agent, let me know.. I have good ones :D And they don't know about my blog, so I'm not just trying to get them to hurry and record the transation today so I can get me keys tonight instead of tomorrow night! hahahha

Wednesday, May 16


So, I have finally caught up on the 3 blogs that I read "everyday"! It seems that in the week that I was not writing, everyone else wrote more to make up for it.. :D Thanks for pickin' up the slack ladies!! hahahaha

I'm trying to carry on like nothing is different... I hope that I will stop thinking "oh, I need to call Carol", it makes me cry in public.. I promise that someday, I will tell you all what a great person she was... grrr I hate that word... it sticks in my chest.. it doesn't want to come out.. like saying it makes it true... like if I just keep saying that's how she is instead, she'll still be here..
Well, now I am crying at work.. again...
For now, I will give you this..

That's all I can do for now.
I'm sorry Carol, you deserve better.. I promise you will get it soon. I love you sister.

House cont.

So, we finally got everything taken care of on my house deal. It looks like we will be making out pretty good! I sign this afternoon and get the keys tomorrow, we are going to have a lock changing party :D

Tonight, after I sign the papers, I am going to change out the front brake pads on my car.. I will take pics! :D Hopefully it wont take very long and I will be able to post them tonight!

So, does anyone remember the original Mickey Mouse Club? Remember Larry? He's a bartender at the Bellagio! I'm a geek.. I got his autograph :D hahhahaha


Tuesday, May 15


So, my realtor came back to town today!! woo hoooooo
She was atleast as unhappy with the way things went while she was gone as I was. Without even getting any sleep, she took care of the crap!
Apparently the sellers realtor made a trip over to the house today and she told my realtor that the amount of work that was done is unexceptable. In addition to the "work" that has been done, she decided to add some money from her commision for us to sign. Sounds like someone started spending their money already....!
Works in my favor so I'm OK with it.
So now, I'm doing a walk through around 5pm tonight, then signing the escrow papers tomorrow at 4pm. Groovie!
It also means that I should be able to make it to CC tonight!!! Rock on!


Monday, May 14

Monday's over.

So, I had a post already to publish last night, then my hubby sat down at the computer and closed the window.. then he started playin' a game, and I went to bed.. hahaha

Anyways, here is a pic of my family at a motorcycle run on the 6th.

That is my hubby and the oldest in the background, the middle one taking pics, and the youngest playin' guitar :) Spread out family photo :D

The oldest is back in AL to await her transfer to FL for more training... I'm soooo proud of her!

This is my little niece Brie... what a beautiful baby.. and the blankie is nice too!!(I made it :D)

This is my sister's grandson.. I made that blankie too :)

I am currently working on a poncho for a friend's b-day, and tomorrow night, if I can make it to cc, we are going to start a saraphina(sp) shawl.. I hope I can make it.

So, I was supposed to do the last check of my house tonight to see if the sellers fixed some stuff, but there was a mix up with the realtor, then when we finally both got there together, we found that the key had been removed from the lock box so we couldn't even get in! To make it worse, from what we could see through the windows, nothing was fixed! Wait, I take that back.. someone swept all of the pine needles off of the roof and left them like a thick blanket on the ground!! GRRRR

I'm supposed to close tomorrow people! Do you want to sell the house or not!! If I haven't seen the inside, I'm not signing the papers!! To make things worse, their realtor told our realtor that they live out of state, but on the county assessors page, it says that the owner of the house lives 4 houses down from the one that they are selling us!?

I hate liers.. especially when they are trying to steal from me... I just want them to do what they promised.. is that too much to ask?.. apparently!

OK, I'm better now hahahaha. On the plus side, if I don't have to go sign papers tomorrow, then I will have no problem making it to cc! :D

Well, I have a bed covered in clean clothes that need to be put away before I can go to bed! So, sweet dreams.

Night :D

Saturday, May 12

I'm back!

So, I'm sorry that I haven't writen in a week, but I am back now and I have a lot going on.
My daughter has been home since last Friday. This is about all we have seen of her..
:) jay kay... ahhahaah
She went with me to my son's scrimidge Friday night.
Here he is...

He's wearing 43 for practice. You'll be seeing alot of football pics this fall :D

So, I sign for my house on Tuesday, I'm nervous.. I don't have a definate payment yet! The before, during and after pics should start rolling in around Wednesday :D

Friday, May 4


For those of you that don't know.. I'm in a motorcycle club.. My SISTER Carol "Eevil" was killed in an accident on her way to our meeting tonight.
The man that pulled out in front of her said that he saw her coming and knew she wasn't going to stop but he had the right of way and he pulled out anyways.
My sister is dead.. it looks like the passenger from his car is also not going to make it....

I love you!.. we love you.. we miss you...

everyone else,
I'll tell you about her later.. she was a wonderful person... was....

Thursday, May 3

Fun with granny.

So, here it is so far.

I'm hoping to have it done by Sunday so I can give it to the little poo butt then. No really, anyone know how big a 2 year old is??

Tuesday, May 1


So, cc was freekin' hillarious tonite! I feel like I just did 100 sit-ups! (does that mean I get to sleep in tomorrow??)

More ladies showed up after this pic.

So, I went and bought sock yarn, and now everyone is working on dish clothes!!
Angie is making a pretty lacy one..

Mary is working on a pretty green one,

and Sandy started a blue one..

a couple times :D hehehe love you!

Mindy is turning her sock into a pair :D

Jamie's back!! WOO HOO
Look at her beautiful stack of afghan squares..

and her BRIGHT orange scarf.

Mary has also finished another beautiful bag!

So, since I am soo wonderful at remembering names, this is the lady that has been coming to Sat.s, but only makes it to Tues. nights when work alows.. love her!! almost made me pee my pants.. out my butt hahahahaha
Anyways, here is her folicly challanged lion..

Jamie's poor kitty! :( hahahahaha

and a VERY pretty "stained glass" scrap blankie!

And here is the latest blankie I'm working on..

OCD crochet continues.. this is the 3rd thing this yarn has begun to become ;)
That striped thing is the bag that it was going to be.. I'm frogging it directly into the granny blankie hahaha
By the way, does anyone know how big a 2 year old is?? aghhhhhhh hahahaha
oh my side..!

So, here are a couple bike pics, just so you can see I'm working on that too :D
These are the forward control brackets that I have started modifying for my short little legs..

Old footpeg location, New footpeg location.. and the white line is somewhere near where they will be cut off. Hopefully that will make my SWEET bike more comfortable. I gained about 4.5" from heal to heal :D

So, we did buy the house, and sometime before we move, I will try to take some pics of a few other groovie pieces I bought for my bike. Like the wicked cool mirror!!!
We are getting VERY close to putting it back together, but since we will be very busy moving, it may not be done until sometime after our Kern River trip :(
So I have to ride on the back of my hubby's bike :( It's not that bad though, I've lost enough weight so that we are alot more comfortable, and I should be able to lose another 10lbs before that trip :D :D :D
Speaking of losing weight.. I need to get to bed so I can wake up for the gym in the morning.. :D I think I'm going to lift a little.. :)


WAIT.. my oldest step daughter is coming home from the Army for a few days on FRIDAY!!! rock'n roll!!!
Ok, more later :)