Monday, July 9

Title block worky :D

So, I have been having problems with my Internet Explorer shutting down everytime I click a link! :( I went to microsoft's help page, where I found out that this is a known issue with explorer 6.0. The info said to fix the problem I needed to load explorer 7. The explorer 7 info said to load xp service pack 2 first. Ok.. so I loaded service pack 2, problem was still there.. kinda knew it would be, so I moved on to downloading explorer 7. Well, to load 7, there is a link to follow... click close! grr! I tried restarting my computer, you know how they like to make that a "duh, you should know this step". Still.. click close! Grr!! So, I was discussing my problem with some computer geek types at work, and they said "download Mozilla Firefox".
I was like what?? and did you not hear that I can not download stuff? So, I somehow remembered the name, and found it very easily! Wouldn't you know it!! It worked.. loaded quickly with very few choices for me to make :D Now its loaded and I am using it and all my links that used to shut me down are working!!!! I'm soo happy ;)

So, to celibrate, here are some pics of the progress the hubby and I made on my bike this weekend!!
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Here are my WAY GROOVIE new handle bar clamps!! I found them at a motorcycle swap meet with some of my sisters. Carol was there :)
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Here's a pic of the front end!! I love my newly powder coated apes!
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And here is the piece that started it all!!! My shiny new transmission! 5-speed OH YEAH BABY!!


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Anonymous said...

the bike looks great! Everything is shinny. I remember the olive trees kicked my but when we were there for your wedding. I'm working on trying to take time off for sept. 13..see if I can get nanners and dad to go. Make a stalk a pumpkins weekend out of it....tee hee.