Monday, July 9

So, the title thing is not working :(

Does anyone else have problems with allergies? I was stuck in bed all day yesterday, and I think the culporate is the olive tree in my front yard!

There is a guy that "takes care of" this kind of thing, so I'm told.
We were talking to our neighbor about getting Pine "taken care of" and he said that he knows a guy that would really like to turn Olive into furniture. We said, well, we don't want Olive "taken out" we just want Pine "handled". It looks like we will now be able to make some kind of, we'll give you this if you take that type thing.
I feel bad having these guys knocked off, but a girl's gotta breath! And they are both near dead from being neglected for so long.
Hopefully I will be able to ward off the head ache long enough tonite to load some pics of my bike progress and such :D

I almost forgot!!! There is an assignment for cc!! I'm not sure where the term frogging came from for rip-it, rip-it crochet, but we need a new clever phrase. The phrase should mean something along the lines for "knitting for no apparent reason".. please leave your suggestions in the comments :D


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Mary Sarah said...

I sort of forgot about our assignment. I haven't come up with a good word yet, but I'm thinking about it. Cool pics of your bike! See you soon!