Wednesday, July 25

Jaaammmmiiiieeee :(

So, I got out of fb practice around 9:00 and tried to make it to the bar in time to say goodbye to one of my favorite cc'ers! Jammie is moving to Montana! :( I just missed you! The waitress saw me walk in (all sweaty in my football pants and such) and she was like, "ohh you just missed them". :(

Our line coach's company moved him across country. He left right after our scrimmage on Saturday. (coincidence I'm sure haha) One of the other coaches picked up for him last night! Oh, I'm feelin' it!
I have never been part of a team before. The only other sport I've played was softball for a bar league, and since I didn't really hang out in bars at the time, I didn't really feel like part of the team. This, is a whole new world.
The girls are fricken' awsome! We all work together. We help each other improve and cheer each other on when we are having problems getting something right! I love it!



Angie said...

I can't wait to see you girls play, you have me so excited it isn't even funny! The girls sound really awesome and I hope I can meet a few or all of them when I come to your games.

I am sorry you missed Jamie last night. :(


Mary Sarah said...

Hi There! I missed Jamie Tues night too. Bummer! Your team sounds fantastic... What a blast!