Monday, July 23

First scrimmage done!

So, I've got a couple bruises and scrapes, but not too bad!
It was alot of fun! I'm really surprised at how quickly I feel like part of the team!
The girls are great!
We didn't "win", but it wasn't a real game either. We definately found some stuff that we need to work on.
4 weeks till our first game!!

I got alot done on the earthtone and shades of blue afgahn that I am working on. I can't post a pic though, it is a gift :D
I'm sorry that I did not get a chance to stop by and see ya'll from cc at the bookstore, I'm sure you had a great time though! I'm going to try to make it to a couple of the Saturday meetings before our games start!
I miss you gals!

I was supposed to go out to the lake today and get some dives in for work, but the boat called and canceled this morning :( Now I have to work today :(

Oh, back to football!! My son is on his way to camp! He just called to say "hi". :D His team is eating breakfast at some McD's between here and there! The last junk food they will see until they are on their way back on Friday!

Well, I have to go find something to do!


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