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So, I do not normally like to discuss politics, I like to search for facts from reliable sources and not argue about it with my friends.
But, I found this questionnaire on MSNBC, where the candidates were asked these questions. I am going to put in my answers, and the ones I either like.. (or have a comment on) from those who answered.. republican and democrat. If you would like to know the answers for your favorite candidate, go here to see if they answered :D

1. What item most reminds you of where you came from?

brand new white socks

"Olive burgers from the Picwich in Chicago." Hillary Clinton
I'm not sure that is the "where you came from" that they are looking for.. by the way I am from Chicago, what the heck isPicwich?

"My Grandfather's pocket watch." Rudy Giuliani
See, he gets it!

2. What were your best and worst grades or subjects in school?

best math, worst history

"Favorite subject was American jurisprudence at the University of Delaware; least favorite was contracts at Syracuse University Law School" Joe Biden
Way to alienate the American public Joe!

"A+ in high school civics; failed high school French." Tom Tancredo
Failed French.. sweet!

3. What pets live in your home?

3 dogs

I'm sorry for your lose Mitt.

Duncan Hunter has 2 black labs Boo and Hunter
racist? and your last name? very creative.

4. What is the last work of fiction you've read?

some of these candidates cheesy answers!!

""An Inconvenient Truth" by Al Gore" Tom Tancredo

tee hee

5. What task at home needs tending?

a lot

Sorry your house burnt down Duncan.

"Taking out the garbage at the mansion." Bill Richardson
Did he really say that?? Thanks for using this "get to know ya" survey as an opportunity to point out that you live in a "mansion"! I'm sure you take out the garbage yourself too, don't ya? "Christmas lights" Tom Tancredo
Are you kidding.. Tom, you might be a red-neck!! It's JULY! Just leave 'em up!

6. Alternate career choice?

yarn shop owner

"Bass guitar player for a touring rock band" Mike Huckabee

"Astronaut" Dennis Kucinich

"Foreign service" John McCain
So, either here or there? haha

"President" Tom Tancredo
Thanks for pointing out you want to be president Tom, I think we already got that! You know.. by the fact that your running and all.

7. Favorite food to cook?

any desert

"I'm a lousy cook, but I make pretty good soft scrambled eggs." Hillary Clinton
So, you stayed with your husband when he cheated on you and you can't cook?

Dennis Kucinich is a vegan.. wow, that should get him the popular vote.

8. Desert island necessity?
desert island or deserted island? hmm I'm not sure how to answer this one.. whipped cream?

All you butt kissing "my wife" people.. hahaha
At least you didn't put "A BOOK" are you kidding me? How impractical is that?? Yeah, I want you leading my country!!

"Laptop with satellite reception" Mike Huckabee
I'm glad you thought that all the way through!

"Boat" Tom Tancredo
You rock, I'm going to call you Gilligan.

9. Favorite reality TV show?

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Get over American Idol already!!

10. Favorite fitness activity?

sex hahaha

"Hunting" Tom Tancredo
Wow, feel the burn!

11. Worst habit?

eating when I'm not hungry

"Too many to list" Joe Biden
Really? Like Crack?

"Ask my wife, Elizabeth" Dennis Kucinich
Umm.. she already answered a couple questions for you Bill.. I mean Dennis!

"Checking my Blackberry" Barack Obama
How old are you Paris..? hahaha

"Cigar smoking" Tom Tancredo
Ok, either he is being refreshingly honest, or he wants us to think he is!!

12. Hidden talent?

then it wouldn't be hidden anymore, and I'm running out of hidden ones!

"I love crossword puzzles" Hillary Clinton
I'm happy for you Hill, but are you good at anything?

"I'm a pretty good poker player" Barack Obama
So you have a good poker face huh? Good at bluffin' are ya? NICE!

13. What time is "sleeping in"?


Dennis Kucinich said 8:30, but his wife decided to correct him :D I like her! She said, "up for brunch and then back to bed until 4:30pm" hehe

The rest of you do not really get up SO early that 7 or 8 is sleeping in... do you?

14. What was your last music purchase?

I'm not sure, but my next one will be the new Pumpkins!

""Ray" soundtrack" Barack Obama
Yeah, I bet it was Justin Timberlake.. hahaha

"Selection of Roy Orbison songs from iTunes" Mitt Romney
Are they paying you to say that? At least you are young and hip.. hahaha

"My sister's play list" Joe Biden
Does the music industry know that you condone file sharing?

"Evenescence, the goth rock group from Little Rock, Ark." Mike Huckabee

Go Mike! Good choice.. and way to support your state!!

15. What car or cars do you drive?

a Scion xB and a Harley.. when its done!

Hybrid, hybrid, hybrid. blah blah blah.. expensive luxury cars.. blah blah.. a couple chevy's NICE! But no Harleys.. :(

Rudy Giuliani does not drive at all.. true New Yorker!

Now, if you do not like my opinions, or you think I'm just being mean, take a deep breath, relax, and just read the title of this blog... feel better?


ps I have had a heck of a time trying to get this to look right, I'm sorry if it is hard to read.

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Angie said...

I love the formatting! I am going to have to go there to see the answers of the rest of the candidates, wow. Your answers are great! :)