Wednesday, January 30

Sparkling Laxative

yep that's it right there.

If you've ever had the need for this lovely beverage, I'm sorry.
I have a few questions for ya...
Does it work better than the chocolate laxative?
Does it work better than Apple juice?
Does it tickle your nose like champagne?
Does it need to sparkle or is that the work of a marketing genius?
Does it make your business shiny?
Does it have to taste like crap or is that just a psychological thing to get your subconscious on the same page?
Just wondering.

Anyways, I am still a little sick but, I made it to yoga and Crochet Club last night!
Why yoga you ask? Well, I think I'm a pretty laid back person, but physically, I'm always tense. I actually have to concentrate to relax!?! Anyone else?
Also, my gym has a yoga class right before cc at the location that is in the same parking lot as cc!! I know!

(climbing on soap box)
Too many people rush through the week complaining till the weekend, then whine that time goes by too fast!? Come on people, take advantage of every day! Do stuff after work.. something, anything you enjoy don't save it up for the weekends! :)
(OK, stepping off the soap box!)

Oh.. Tuesday nights. I go to yoga and concentrate on breathing and relaxing for an hour, then I go hang out with an ever increasing number of women at a bar and eat, drink, knit, crochet, and laugh for like 2 or 3 more hours! Somebody's gotta do it. Thursday night is knit night.. same as above only without the yoga.

For those of you that sat at home all sad cause it was only Tuesday, I'm going to share some of my Tuesday night with you.. (no yoga pics though, the flash would mess up everyone's chi)

And of course, its all about the socks!!

I'm not sure if you can tell, but my camera does not like Jitterbug "fire". Green.. ok, blue... ok, red...AGH!!!

Here are a few more examples of how much my camera hates this color..

I finally convinced my camera that we were on a bright sunny beach, and it agreed to take a couple decent pics.
The true color of these socks is somewhere in between there! :)

Well, I hope you enjoyed my Tuesday night pics, but don't live vicariously... go enjoy!


Thursday, January 24

Hack sniffle hack wheeeezzzz

So, I've been sick! :(

When I was a kid, I used to get bronchitis every year. It was explained to me that bronchial tubes are one of the last parts of your lungs to develop, and since I was born two and half months early, mine were not fully developed. That little inconveience got me 2 weeks home from school every winter! Which was cool until the year it decided to attack durning winter break! That sucked :(

Anyway, the short version, I think I might have bronchitis. :( I haven't had it in like 15 years, so I guess I was due. After missing Monday and Tuesday (I didn't even go to cc or YOGA on Tuesday night!) :(
I managed to crawl back to work yesterday, only because I could not sit at home one more day too tired to knit!!
So I decided if I was going to be miserable and tired and not knitting, I might as well be getting paid for it. hahaha

I'm going to try to stay awake and go to knit night tonight, I will try not to breath on any of yall :)


Thursday, January 17

Picture Day

So, it has been a looong time since I posted any pictures huh?

Let's see what I have in my photobucket account... my knit picks order came in yesterday!!!

This is natural yarn that I'm going to try to dye all by myself. Any color suggestions?

It came in a kit with this wonderful Cat Bordhi book and 2 3.00mm circular metal Knit Picks needles, very nice.

But, this is what I was really looking forward to..!!!
My Harmony Options needle tips! They are sooo pretty and smooth! I'm in love!
I "needed" these for helmet liners :D
Definately a good thing they are here, everytime I turn around, I'm getting farther behind!
My brother-in-law left for boot camp yesterday, my friends brother leaves next week, and a guy at work is going in March! Not to mention my daughter and her fiance.

Ok... deep breaths.. happy not behind at all thoughts..

I finished the hooded blankie for work baby one!

Which was bad news for my unsuspecting little demo baby...
"you want me to try on what?"


Isn't she cute!! It seems to work.

Here are the wash clothes that are going with the towel;

ABC blocks

rubber ducky


and the cat in the hat
They were pretty easy and fast, but the patterns don't really show up all that well, not even on the solid color. I was kinda disappointed, but now I know.

I was going to make a bath set for work baby 2 also, but I think I'm done working with cotton for a while! I'll figure out something else for him :)

The wedding blankie is on its way.

I'm not very far yet, but its started.

I also started a scarf that missed the list. I bought this yarn last winter, and never quite got around to knitting it. Opps

It kinda looks flourescent in these pics, but it is a really pretty color.
It got farther than this before I went to bed. The pattern is going very fast, a really good thing since winter will be over in like 2 weeks! hahaha
One of the perks of living in the desert!

Ok, enough yarn already! I know, there may be one or two of ya that would like to hear about something else... right?

Well, the paint job on my bike... remember that? the bike that just got rebuilt last fall?!?

Any who, even though I have "paint savers" on the tank, the paint has still decided to start pealing up around my vented gas cap.. :(

My hubby took the tank off and drained it for me last weekend and I'm going to take it back to the painter on Friday!

Hopefully the painter will get it fixed quickly so I can get it back and do a little fine tuning on the bike before it starts getting too nice out!

Oh, I started doing yoga Tuesday night! It was alot of fun, I'll keep you informed!


Monday, January 14

Monday Monday

So, what did YOU do this weekend? hahaha
There was a surprise b-day party for one of our friends this weekend. A good time was had by most, I think?
In a very uncharacteristic move, I decided to hand my keys over to the hubby and have a few drinks.. and then, a couple more!
I did pretty good though, I held my own.. I only feel down once, but in my defence, I was in a mosh pit at the time!! SWEET! I love ska!!
Lucky for me, my sober hubby remembered the one sure way to combat a hang over, the trick is you have to think of it before you are hung over! The trick is a nice greasy breakfast before bed.. Thank you baby, I wouldn't have gotten any knitting done on Sunday with out ya! hahaha!

Any ways, the guy turned 30!
I know, I know the horror.
But it is only now, now that I am a mere 21 days from my 31st! b-day, that I can laugh at turning 30.
A surprise party is really the only way to go for 30. Its a good thing my friends chose to go that direction on my 30th, cause I probably wouldn't have gone out voluntarily.

I did however decide that this year, instead of turning 31, I am going to turn 35.
I don't understand women that try to pass themselves off as 5 or even 10 years younger than they are?.. Why would you want people to think that you are just a really hard looking 25 year old?
Not me!! I'm going to go ahead right now, this year and add 4! After all, I look pretty good for 35.. and with any luck, at 35 I will make a great looking 40 year old!
I might not be so lucky if I wait 9 years!


Friday, January 11

Red Molly

So, I have been listening to... blue grass?!
I know! I can't help it.
I'm not really into the country side, more the americana/ folky side. If you are interested, you should check out Red Molly. I found them from their myspace page. Let me know what you think. :D

Anywho, I brought some knitting to work today, I was really surprised how much I got done on the back end of breaks. I brought the Misty Alpaca scarf that I am working on, but I ran out of Alpaca :( I still have a whole 15 min. break left today!! I think I'm going to leave this project here to work on, it is a simple pattern and a quick knit, plus it is a dark yarn that is not easy to knit at the bar during cc or kn, but is just fine under the flourescents here at work! hahaha

Speaking of kn, that was last night. I worked on the garter hooded towel in organic cotton, and then put another pattern repeat on my Monkey sock! :D
I love it by the way!!
I am using Jitterbug in a colorway called Fire! I LOVE THIS YARN!!
I think I am going to try to make these socks with flip-flop toes if I can figure out how to do the toes from this side.. (cuff down instead of toe up)
I started these on #3 needles, which fits my calf great, but I think I am going to change to #2 needles to make the socks taper for the ankle and the foot.

I am going to pick out yarn for Jeni's wedding blankie this weekend. I have a garage full of acrylic yarn, but some of it smells pretty musty. Instead of trying to crochet with hay fever, I am going to wrap all of the skiens into hanks so I can wash the yarn without it turning into a giant nest!, then I am going to wind it into center pull balls!
I think I'm going to do some flowery squares in blue/purple/green/ and of course white :) I may alternate neuteral back grounds also, I'm not sure.

I have had problems assembling squares in the past, one of the baby blankets I made ended up looking like bubble wrap! hahaha. Hopefully I will have better luck this time!

I am still waiting for my order from Knit Picks. I put in my order in during their 2 week move to a new location. They put all orders on hold until they got in to the new store, so it took a while to get out. My order status says it was shipped on Wensday, so we'll see when it gets here! I am VERY excited about the Harmony wooden needles that I ordered!

Well, sorry to bore all ya'll with nothing but yarn talk, but that's what it is LOL!


Monday, January 7

Low Rider

So, over the weekend, my hubby took my son to the insurance agent and the DMV. Today is his first day back to school from winter break, and he got to drive his car to school! While wearing his Letterman Jacket that he got just in time to wear to school the last day before winter break. He should be having quite a fine day! :D

For those of you who remember, I played women's pro-football last fall. The banquet was this weekend, but I did not go. I got a call afterwards from one of my co-lineman, and she said that she picked up my trophy for me. ?. I won the Most Improved Offensive Lineman award. Sweet! I have never had a trophy for sports or anything athletic at all, so to recieve something like this.. when I'm 30! was pretty cool. (I'm still not going to play again!) The team has changed to a new league that plays in the spring, and their practices start THIS Saterday! Their first game is in 100 days! I wish the Las Vegas Showgirlz much luck, and I will see ya'll at your home games!

I got the 2 HMB squares done on Saterday (they will be sent out today after work) and I finally got to the decreasing side of the organic cotton hooded towel on the diagonal that I am knitting for one of the babies coming at work. I'm hoping to get it done before the baby gets here, but that could be any day! I already have the wash clothes done to go with that baby bath set :)

Oh my did I have a good time at Gail Knits on Saterday! It was the first day of their winter sale, and boy am I glad that I didn't wait!
I bought her last swift!
I also procured:
4 lovely hanks (black, burgandy, deep royal blue and silver) of wool/silk for Val's skull argyle leg warmers
3 hanks of vergiated black/red wool for a scarf for me (I know!!)
2 hanks gold, 2 hanks black cotton/wool for a groovie new scarf that I am going to design for the hubby.. (before next winter)
one skein of blue/purple/light grey toefootsies for Jeni's socks
2 hanks of some very interesting yarn that is a combo of like 5ish yarns all run together

I thought this was different yarns all spun together at first, but then one of the fine ladies that was working there showed me a sweater that had been knit from a different color way of the same yarn, it looked pretty cool, so I bought it.. I'm not sure what I am going to make out of it, or for whom it will be... it is pink and gold and greyish, I'm not sure what other colors, and part of it is fuzzy and part is smooth, some is metalic.. it ends up striping..?! I will ball one of the hanks and post pics of it soon.

Well, its Monday, I better get to work :)


Friday, January 4

First Friday

So, I went to sleep when I got home from work on Wed. and did not get out of bed until around 2pm yesterday. I forfeited 24 hours to this cold, but I think it worked. I'm feeling quite a bit better and it's Friday!! SWEET!

I promised my first two HeartMade Blessings squares to an assembler in IL!!
I did a search in the list that they keep online for the oldest "Operation Purple Heart" afghan that still needed squares! I was surprised that the oldest one is only from November! These ladies really mean business!
I will be setting everything else aside until I get the 2 promised squares done. I plan to have them sent out on Monday! :) I am going to find out the postage for 1 square and for 2 squares so that I don't have to go to the post office every time I need to send something out :).
I know, I said I was going to do 1 square a month, but she is working on 2 afghans, and I figure this will give me a little leeway that I may need later in the year :)

Gail Knits is having a sale this week.. Sat.- Sat. I am going to go get a swift to go with the ball winder that my hubby got me for x-mas. JoAnne's is also having a sale that includes Patons Classic Wool. It is -$2 from its normal price, so I am going to go pick up some for the helmet liners that I'm making.

All of a sudden there are a bunch of people I know that need them. My hubby's brother and my friend's brother are both going to boot camp in Feb. So, I guess I will make them each one in addition to the 2 for my daughter before I will be able to start sending them in to the charity.
I'm going to count these in my goal of 12 for the year.

I have not contacted project Linus yet, but I will when I get a couple things moved from "in process" to "done".

My daughter and her fiance are gone :( She dropped him off at the airport at butt-crack am Thursday, and I vaguely remember her waking me up for a goodbye hug sometime in the lost day. She had the tattoo on her back fixed up by Dee at Ink Inc. on Wed. night, it looks much better. Thanks Dee.. I will have her send me a pic to post when it is all healed up.
She will be back in Vegas for about a month after she graduates from EOD in April :D woo hoo!


Wednesday, January 2

First of '08!

So, woo hoo its '08!

After fighting off co-workers and baby's and even visiting soldiers, I finally lost the battle... I'm sick :(

I started getting a little snifflie at work on Monday, but I blamed my allergies. Then at the New Year's Eve party we went to , I blamed it on the smoke. At the New Years Day party we went to, I blamed my ever worsening symptoms on my allergies and the smoke, but on our way home, when I resorted to wiping my nose with one sleeve and my watery eyes with the other, I finally had to admit that I am sick. :(

In one last ditch effort to pretend I wasn't, I went to cc last night. It was the last one before my daughter heads back to her base, and I didn't want everyone to miss out on meeting her. We went for about an hour, she got to meet a few of the ladies, we ate and then headed home.

I stopped on the way home and picked up the super duper big box of Day Quill, the super duper big box of Ny Quill, a large bag of Halls cough drops (I don't have any coughs yet, but the mentholyptis clears my nose), and the multi pack of pocket size Kleenex pouches.

While we were there, I was informed that we were out of laundry detergent.
As I stood there staring at the never ending selection, trying to decide if I wanted the usual or a new scent, my daughter said, " I use this, doesn't it smell nice." :)

me: "I'm sure it smells great, but I can't smell right now (sick), besides, I'm looking for detergent, not fabric softener."

daughter: "no, I use drier sheets, this is detergent."

me: " no, this side is detergent, that side is fabric softener" (pointing up at the sign)

daughter with a puzzled look: "oh, look its right here on the bottle. fabric softener...huh"

me trying not to bust up right there in the laundry isle: "you haven't been washing your clothes ?..... just swishing them around in peach scented fabric softener ... and then drying them with drier sheets"

daughter: "yep."

me: "but your clothes smell good"

daughter: "and they're soft.."


I love her, but I think her roots might be blonde :)

In the middle of writing this I went to get lunch, I stopped by the "green room" on my way back to visit with the wonderful wardrobe ladies that knit/crochet at the end of their breaks.
There was a lady there that I have seen down there before, I think I may have even spoken to her before, but for some reason it just clicked today.. SHE IS ON MY RAVELRY FRIENDS LIST!
No Way!!

I was like: "are you on ravelry"
she was like: "yeah.. hey"
together: "your on my list"


Well, I gotta go blow my nose now.. sorry for the visual!

Late :D