Tuesday, May 1


So, cc was freekin' hillarious tonite! I feel like I just did 100 sit-ups! (does that mean I get to sleep in tomorrow??)

More ladies showed up after this pic.

So, I went and bought sock yarn, and now everyone is working on dish clothes!!
Angie is making a pretty lacy one..

Mary is working on a pretty green one,

and Sandy started a blue one..

a couple times :D hehehe love you!

Mindy is turning her sock into a pair :D

Jamie's back!! WOO HOO
Look at her beautiful stack of afghan squares..

and her BRIGHT orange scarf.

Mary has also finished another beautiful bag!

So, since I am soo wonderful at remembering names, this is the lady that has been coming to Sat.s, but only makes it to Tues. nights when work alows.. love her!! almost made me pee my pants.. out my butt hahahahaha
Anyways, here is her folicly challanged lion..

Jamie's poor kitty! :( hahahahaha

and a VERY pretty "stained glass" scrap blankie!

And here is the latest blankie I'm working on..

OCD crochet continues.. this is the 3rd thing this yarn has begun to become ;)
That striped thing is the bag that it was going to be.. I'm frogging it directly into the granny blankie hahaha
By the way, does anyone know how big a 2 year old is?? aghhhhhhh hahahaha
oh my side..!

So, here are a couple bike pics, just so you can see I'm working on that too :D
These are the forward control brackets that I have started modifying for my short little legs..

Old footpeg location, New footpeg location.. and the white line is somewhere near where they will be cut off. Hopefully that will make my SWEET bike more comfortable. I gained about 4.5" from heal to heal :D

So, we did buy the house, and sometime before we move, I will try to take some pics of a few other groovie pieces I bought for my bike. Like the wicked cool mirror!!!
We are getting VERY close to putting it back together, but since we will be very busy moving, it may not be done until sometime after our Kern River trip :(
So I have to ride on the back of my hubby's bike :( It's not that bad though, I've lost enough weight so that we are alot more comfortable, and I should be able to lose another 10lbs before that trip :D :D :D
Speaking of losing weight.. I need to get to bed so I can wake up for the gym in the morning.. :D I think I'm going to lift a little.. :)


WAIT.. my oldest step daughter is coming home from the Army for a few days on FRIDAY!!! rock'n roll!!!
Ok, more later :)

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Anonymous said...

OMG, you made me laugh so hard...AGAIN!!! My sides and my face were hurting from all the laughing last night. And, since you asked (did you? lol), the really funny lady is Sandra. Fits right in, huh. :)