Tuesday, June 5

Back at work.

So, I'm back from Kern River :( It was soo much fun!! I have a bunch of pics, I even brought my camera to work, but then I realized that it does not take a normal usb cable :(

After work today I am going to pick up some interior doors from one of my sisters houses.. she just bought a new house too :) So anyways, her hubby works for a company where he gets a discount on all kinds of house building type stuff, so they are upgrading their doors to a different style, and I am upgrading my doors to their old ones :D

I'm going to try to get my computer all set up and online after I get home from that :D
so, hopefully I will be posting from there tonight with lots 'o pics!


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Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the pics! Hope you are coming to CC tonight.