Thursday, June 7


So, I cleaned my kitchen!!! yeah Sounds mundane, but when you have been living out of boxes for a few weeks, that is exciting! I still have more to do in there, but it is lookin' good.

I'm going to help my hubby in the garage next, that way we will have room to move some storage out there from my closet, and make room in my closet for other stuff.. (like the yarn that is still in my dinning room)

It will also make room in the garage to assemble my bike!!! My lovey port and polished the rear head last night :D We are going to go over which parts need to go back to painter tonight so we can take it to him this weekend :( I hope it gets done right fast!
We are also going to go through and take inventory of everything that we have and that we need so we can go shopping for the rest. It looks like we should have it done by the end of the month!! :D Its going to be soooo cool!


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Anonymous said...

sorry I missed your call today. Glad that everything is going good for to see pics.