Sunday, June 17

Happy Father's Day!!

So, at 5 am, I was on my way to the Eagle's Lodge to cook Father's Day breakfast!! I can not believe how tired I was! I stayed up a little too late last night crocheting dish clothes hahaha! I'm such a geek!

Anyways, I was not able to complete my adv. SCUBA dives last week :( I was not able to clear my ears at 35 feet :(.. My dive buddy and I ascended a little to see if I could get past it, but I got the spins REALLY bad! He took me to the surface and got me back to the boat.. THANK YOU BUDDY!! I tried sitting on the boat for a while, but the motion wasn't allowing me to get over my dizzyness, so I ended up swimming over to an island. Thank you captain Mike!

So, I will have to go back and try again later. I am going to try some special diving earplugs that our physio dept keeps on hand at work. I am also due for a dive exam, so I will have the dive DR check my ears while I am there. I am pretty sure that it is just my allergies!

My hubby put my new kicked out neck cups and my swing arm back on the frame!!! My paint is back with the painter, we simplified the custom logo, and I picked the font and color myself, so hopefully I will have that back by the end of the week!! It's all coming together.. excellent.. oh except the hubby is going out of town next weekend :( But, we will hopefully still be able to get it done by the end of the month.

Late :D


Anonymous said...

Sorry you weren't able to complete your dives, but you will get it next time. Sounds like your bike is coming along very nicely...maybe you can take me for a ride when you get done. See you Tuesday at cc.


Anonymous said...

how deep is the pool at work? Is this diving for a scuba license or for like some work saftey?
do you talk like Jock Kustow (spelling)now we explore to bottom of the ocean deep...


Anonymous said...

How did breakfast for the dads go? My dad said thank you for his FD call.
Hopefully your ears will 'clear up' before you have to dive again :D


Anonymous said...

I was showing Danielle some of your pictures on here and I just was wanting to you have any grass in your yard? How big is your backyard? How is the pine tree...did you cut it down? wow, maybe I should have started with the words answer my riddles three! ha ha

nobody said...

hahah no, big for Vegas, small for anywhere else, still alive, not yet. hehehehe