Friday, June 8


So, I have a couple football games to go to tonight! Rock on! On little boy is going to be on V this year :D There is a little mini-tourney this weekend. Then I think its just practices until he goes to camp in July.
I have a b-day party to go to tomorrow afternoon for my seestor Juls, and then we have something kinda on Sunday, but I'm going to try to get something done around the house too.. oh yeah, the garage. And maybe one of the bathrooms will get a built in cabinet this weekend too.
That's the plan anyways.
Sorry I haven't been doing anything really interesting this week, but as my bike starts going back together, I will make sure there are lots of pics and details..
Alrighty then.. off to football (I'm leaving early so I can stop at the REALLY big yarn store) I need to make a big ol' king size blankie for a couple of friends that are getting hitched the first week of Sept :D

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