Tuesday, June 12

Nothing to see here...

So, I spent the whole weekend swimming and carrying on, but didn't really get anything done..
I bought some yarn :D Got started on a KING size afgan for a wedding gift.. and bought some for a b-day coming up. I'm a little over half done on the Luster Seraphina :D I probably won't work on that one again for a while though with the other 2 things coming up sooner :D

My hubby got a good chunk of the garage organized last night, so some of the storage got out of my room!! We are still trying to find a way to make all the stuff fit.. I'm going to attempt to get some built in shelves installed in my bathroom this weekend! That would make life much easier!

I have cc tonight, and my hubby is going to be working on my motor.. and we are taking the paint back to the painter on Saterday. I'm going to hold my breath and hope that it all comes back GOOD and SOON! Hopefully we will be able to get on assembly in earnest next week!

Adv. SCUBA training is here :D!! I get to spend half the day in class tomorrow, and then two full days out at the lake! Rock on.. not a bad way to spend the rest of the week!

I'll try to post some pics from my friend's way cool backyard that she designed!! She owns Desert Drafting! Her backyard is soooo BA.


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