Thursday, June 21

Fashion or Masochism??

So, did that get your attention as well as Sex, Sex, Sex? hahhahaha HI JAMIE!!

So, at one time or another, I have been thought to be a lesbian. The reasons given for thinking it are; my job, my type A personality, the fact that I ride my own motorcycle, and the fact that I wear comfortable shoes! Now, I know many straight women that have these same wonderful characteristics, but don't get me started on that.

Oh yeah, my point, there it is!! hahaha! If comfortable shoes are truely a sign of sexual preference, then I have seen the straightest woman EVER!!

So, if you look closely at my "lochness monster" quaility phone pic, you can see that this woman has a knee brace and an ankle brace on her left leg, but she's not going to let that stop her from wearing 4" stelletoes to work all day!!! No sirry bob!

DAMN that's straight!!

Now, I found it funny when I saw her yesterday, but when she did it again today, I couldn't resist taking a pic. and asking her about it. Sorry, that's how I roll hahahhaah!

She said, "yeah my leg hurts, but it hurts in comfy shoes too! I feel naked without my heels." She then tried to explain that she needs to look "professional" since she works in the offices and all.

I tried to nicely hint that "crazy" was more the look she was accomplishing, and what office does she work in where foot fetish shoe wear is "professional"?! She just laughed at me (common response) and went on her way... Very good sence of humor! I like this crazy lady :D

Late. :D

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Angie said...

Oh my goodness, crazy is what I would call that too! No amount of explaining would convince me otherwise. And, by the way, you being a lesbian never crossed my mind...

So, can't wait to see you Tuesday.

Much hugs