Thursday, May 31

In the closet...

So, my hubby and I raised the hanging rod in the master closet last night :D We had to raise the trim all the way around the closet since the shelf and the rod and everything else in the closet is all linked. It looks and more importantly WORKS great now :D
I just don't understand why they set up closets so that there is 2.5 feet of wasted space below your clothes and 6 feet above the top shelf that really is not strong enough to hold anything that big?? Well now, we have about 3 feet bellow our clothes, (perfect for my little rubbermaid dresser things, and of course for my yarn bins) and about 5.5 feet above the shelf, still more than enough room to stack the now reinforced (thanks honey :D) shelf!
I even managed to get most of the clothes IN the closet! Now I can walk around our massive new bed instead of having to climb up and over the summit of Mnt. St. Hierloom to get to the other side of the room!! YEAHHHH
So, the hubby and I are headed out of town this weekend with his MC! We are going to Kern River :D Oh my I need a vacation.. We missed the first trip out of town with "the boys" in April, so I'm soooo ready to head out TOMORROW!
I will take as many pics as my camera battery allows :D


Mindy said...

Sounds like the house is coming along nicely. Hope your having a great weekend.

ady_3448 said...

have a great trip, ready to see more pics.