Tuesday, April 17

woo hoo

So, that's not what you think.. get your minds out of the gutter!!! (haha like I'm one to talk!!) So anyways, I got home and "come right upstairs when you get home" turned into "I just want to watch this deadliest catch and I'll be right up"
Yeah I know!!

So, what was the woo hoo for then?? I was able to log on from HOME!! Hopefully I will not have anymore problems!

Now I get to bore you all with pics of the pieces of my bike that are actually currently in my possession.

This is my new seat next to my old seat. The solo seat is the new one. My kids are too big to ride on the back with mom, and my new paint job is too pretty to cover up.. so solo seat exactly like my old seat :D

These are the few pieces that are going on the bike the same way they came off of it.

These are pieces I am painting FLAT black.

These are all the nuts and bolts.. you'ld thing there would be more...

This is my new 5 speed tranmission, my rear break is up in the corner there, and my new hand controls are also in this box somewhere..

Hopefully I will have more parts of it back by the end of the week so I can bore you all with more pics of it!!!

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