Sunday, April 22

Recruit Info

So, we got some valuable information about how to get our son a free ride scholar ship through college. Lots a valuable information.
It was a fun day, and my little boy did a great job.

My question is, why do the dads feel the need to dress like they are competing?

Talk about trying to live through your kids.. :D hahahahaha

And to all the single moms out there.. yeah you might be able to meet some nice single dad at a function like this, but remember, you are there to help and support your child first and formost.. cover your T and A.. its embarassing. (too embarassing for a pic even) You're not helping your kids.. you're not setting a good example, and you're not going to attract the kind of guy that you want as a role model for them!

Sorry about that, someone had to say it!


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