Monday, April 23

Pretty powder coating :D

So, I picked up the rest of my powder coated pieces today. This is my nose cone, the part that the guy forgot last week.

That's cool though, he was very professional, and the parts look really good, so I'm a happy girl.
I couldn't wait to get out the covers that I bought to see how they look with the black..

Very dramatic, I'll have to wait until I get the painted pieces so I can decide if its going to work or not.. I hope it does, I love the old school diamond cut pattern!

My oldest step-daughter is coming home (from the Army) for a few days leave before she reports to her next training post! She will be home next Thursday!! I can't wait, I miss her sooo much and I'm so proud of her. Nikki, YOU ROCK!

I got some crocheting in tonight also...

The little girl is going to out grow it before I get it done! I'll get some work done on it tomorrow night at cc for sure. I hope Jamie is there tomorrow.. I miss her, she has not made it in a few weeks :(

Well, I'm going to pack my gym bag and go to bed..
night all


Anonymous said...

So (hehe), I can't wait to see your bike when it is all finished. I am sure it will work out (I am a great optimist). I also hope Jamie can come tonight also, I really miss her too.

Oh, and if I haven't said it already, I LOVE your blog!


nobody said...

Thank you soo much! I really enjoy getting comments :D