Thursday, April 19

Thank you Aunt Purl

So, I was reading one of the 3 blogs that I keep up with the best I can, and I thought, how wierd and wonderful this all is. To put your inner most thoughts and feelings out in the world... the WHOLE world. That is what the www is after all, the world wide web!!

That people we don't even know could be reading our "diary" and finding comfort and hope, and feel a little less alone. We are all in this together after all aren't we. How wonderful.

And, its a 2 way street! GREAT! Not only can we read about others, learn from their insight, but we can also put our thoughts out there! Any little thought or feeling.. just put it right on out there! We can just look right on inside and with out fear of being judged or being wrong, we can just freely let it flow, get it out, get it off our chests, and hopefully even come to conclusions about ourselves, "find" ourselves if you will.

I don't know if the same feeling comes from keeping the little pink diary with a key under your pillow, I never was the "diary" type, or if it only comes from thinking that maybe someone, somewhere has stumbled across my little page and maybe they have made similar observations about life or themselves, or maybe something I say here may help someone see things in a new light like other's blogs have done for me?.. Someone that I'll never know, never converse with, not even know they were here.

Hmmm I like it.

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Anonymous said...

Margie, I LOVE your blog and have finally got caught-up on reading everything. I also have to agree with you about Aunt Purl...she sooo rocks! See you Tuesday.