Tuesday, April 10

Tuesday Crochet Club!!

So, I'm at cc and I can't get over the fact that I am still working on the same blankie with the same yarn that I have been working with for like ever now.. and did I mention I have been sick of this yarn for like at least 3 weeks. It started as the amazing star blankie.

Then (when I could not get it to lay flat) it became a zig-zag blankie.

I realized tonite at cc that I do not have enough yarn to finish this blankie.. no matter what shape.
Luckily our coordinator extraordinaire found a meeting place that shares a parking lot with a yarn source!
Since I can no longer stand the sight of this yarn, I decided to go with something a little different.
The problem is that as I get older, I seem to be developing a little OCD, not so much a problem for me, but, well let me just tell ya.
I calmly approached the wall 'o yarn, and smiled at the kind older lady that was shopping for some soft pastel baby yarn.
So far so good..
I picked the first combination of colors that caught my eye and put them in my basket. Unfortunately, I was unable to walk away from the wall.. I put the yarn back, and picked up a different combo..
and then another..
walking back and forth from the purples.. isn't that her fav. color?..
back to the yellows and pinks.. didn't her g-pa just paint her room these colors?.. hmm is it too late to call and ask?..
oh wait.. I told the girl's at cc that I would be right back..
hmmm I like this color.. the blankie is not for me.. should I just get more of the old yarn..?
Hey where did that other lady go? Oh there she is.. it looks like she's shopping for fabric.. no, she's looking at me but standing by the fabric.. odd. Maybe I'm just being paranoid, yeah that's it.
Oh yeah cc. Gotta pick yarn.
Umm the first combo.. that's the ticket. Grab and go!
Huh, the old lady must have changed her mind too, she's going back to the yarn.. now that I have left.. odd.. did I scare her?? Hmmmmm Got the yarn... :D

Same design, different colors. Peace has returned to my world :D
Maybe at the cost of peace in the old lady's world,, I hope she found what she was looking for with out any other psycotic crocheters interupting her.

Mindy.. this is my hubby.. and my little dog too. hehehe
and I think I fixed the comment problem, thank you :D

Hey its late, and its hard enough to get up and go to the gym..


Mindy said...

Love the new colors! Yep, saw the hubby round the workplace. Small world, huh? The dog is just too cute. What's his name?

nobody said...

That's my little baby Emma :D

nobody said...
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