Friday, April 20

So, and all that...

So, I was reading a few of my posts, and realized that I say "so" an awful lot. In honor of this, I went back to the one or two posts that did not start out with "so" and edited them so that now they all start with so.
I feel much better now. (ocd?? sorry)
So anyways, I picked up most of my motorcycle parts that were at the powder coater.
This is my lovely frame with my new seat on it :D

I will try to take pics of all the progress and post it as I go.

So, tomorrow is a big day for my family! The National Collegiate Scouting Association and Recruits Unlimited are holding an event for high school football players to go get all of their stats tested and posted for all of the college football recruiters to check out so they can decide who they want to watch and talk to and well recruit hahaha.. and of course, my son was invited to attend! ROCK AND ROLL!
My husband has to work, so it will just be me and my baby boy going, but that's just fine! There are going to be actual college recruiters there! and they are also holding a workshop for the parents so that we know what to do and how to do it to get our kids looked at by the schools they want to go to! Also, how to decide on the right school, and how to know what schools are really interested.. SWEET!!
It's going to be a really big day!

Then I have a couple biker things to go do in the evening. It'll be fun too, but nothing compared to my morning!!

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