Tuesday, April 24

Early Out ;*(

So, I had to leave cc early tonight :( It was for a good cause though, my daughter needed help buying a plane ticket home! It took about 15 mins, but I had to take care of it right away!!! Not really, there was way more than 1 ticket left, but that's ok, she'll sleep better knowing its taken care of, and that's what evil step-moms are for :D So she's all set now, and I still have about an hour to crochet here at home.

Jamie and Mindy didn't make it to cc before I left, but it was still very early, hopefully they made it. Mindy, I hope your dr's apt went well, and Jamie, I hope you make it back to cc before you move!!

The last few weeks at cc have been all about the socks.. well, not tonight!! Almost everybody was CROCHETING (go figure.. it is a crochet club hahahaha) blankets! It was a great, kinda like the first few meetings that I attended. Not that there is anything wrong with knitting.. I don't care who does what.. I'm not a crochet snob.. hahahaha

I'm gonna go crochet!
bye :D

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