Wednesday, April 11

Snow and my ever changing mind.

So, I started out the day by dropping my water bottle just outside my front door on my way to the gym at 4:30 butt crack of morning, as it exploded into a million pieces, soaking my shoes, I thought here we go... its going to be a great day... what a cynic I've become?? when did that happen?
Well, the day did not get worse, everything went just like it should. SWEET.

So, back home (the IL/WI border) they got a sh!t load of snow today!!

Burr Dad looks cold.
My friends Anna and Ady (also back in the midwest) are at a Type O concert tonight in Milwaukee. That should keep 'em nice and warm :D mmmm Peter Steel...

So, I changed my current project again..

It's a modified shell pattern with post stitches. Thanks for the book Angie :D The pattern is pretty simple and it is moving along fast! woo hoo
I have about 3 or 4 current crochet projects going on, and I am in the process of rebuilding my bike, but when that all gets done, I bought some sock yarn.. woo hoo I'm gonna knit a sock.. dare I say even a pair of socks!! Well, I don't want to get too ambitious!

So, I was waiting for a pic from Anna at the concert to post here, (I love cell cameras), but for some reason the pics are not coming through to my phone :( So I'm gonna go to bed. Sorry, if they come through tomorrow, I'll post them :)


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