Wednesday, January 2

First of '08!

So, woo hoo its '08!

After fighting off co-workers and baby's and even visiting soldiers, I finally lost the battle... I'm sick :(

I started getting a little snifflie at work on Monday, but I blamed my allergies. Then at the New Year's Eve party we went to , I blamed it on the smoke. At the New Years Day party we went to, I blamed my ever worsening symptoms on my allergies and the smoke, but on our way home, when I resorted to wiping my nose with one sleeve and my watery eyes with the other, I finally had to admit that I am sick. :(

In one last ditch effort to pretend I wasn't, I went to cc last night. It was the last one before my daughter heads back to her base, and I didn't want everyone to miss out on meeting her. We went for about an hour, she got to meet a few of the ladies, we ate and then headed home.

I stopped on the way home and picked up the super duper big box of Day Quill, the super duper big box of Ny Quill, a large bag of Halls cough drops (I don't have any coughs yet, but the mentholyptis clears my nose), and the multi pack of pocket size Kleenex pouches.

While we were there, I was informed that we were out of laundry detergent.
As I stood there staring at the never ending selection, trying to decide if I wanted the usual or a new scent, my daughter said, " I use this, doesn't it smell nice." :)

me: "I'm sure it smells great, but I can't smell right now (sick), besides, I'm looking for detergent, not fabric softener."

daughter: "no, I use drier sheets, this is detergent."

me: " no, this side is detergent, that side is fabric softener" (pointing up at the sign)

daughter with a puzzled look: "oh, look its right here on the bottle. fabric softener...huh"

me trying not to bust up right there in the laundry isle: "you haven't been washing your clothes ?..... just swishing them around in peach scented fabric softener ... and then drying them with drier sheets"

daughter: "yep."

me: "but your clothes smell good"

daughter: "and they're soft.."


I love her, but I think her roots might be blonde :)

In the middle of writing this I went to get lunch, I stopped by the "green room" on my way back to visit with the wonderful wardrobe ladies that knit/crochet at the end of their breaks.
There was a lady there that I have seen down there before, I think I may have even spoken to her before, but for some reason it just clicked today.. SHE IS ON MY RAVELRY FRIENDS LIST!
No Way!!

I was like: "are you on ravelry"
she was like: "yeah.. hey"
together: "your on my list"


Well, I gotta go blow my nose now.. sorry for the visual!

Late :D

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Mindy said...

I'm so sorry I missed meeting your daughter.