Monday, January 14

Monday Monday

So, what did YOU do this weekend? hahaha
There was a surprise b-day party for one of our friends this weekend. A good time was had by most, I think?
In a very uncharacteristic move, I decided to hand my keys over to the hubby and have a few drinks.. and then, a couple more!
I did pretty good though, I held my own.. I only feel down once, but in my defence, I was in a mosh pit at the time!! SWEET! I love ska!!
Lucky for me, my sober hubby remembered the one sure way to combat a hang over, the trick is you have to think of it before you are hung over! The trick is a nice greasy breakfast before bed.. Thank you baby, I wouldn't have gotten any knitting done on Sunday with out ya! hahaha!

Any ways, the guy turned 30!
I know, I know the horror.
But it is only now, now that I am a mere 21 days from my 31st! b-day, that I can laugh at turning 30.
A surprise party is really the only way to go for 30. Its a good thing my friends chose to go that direction on my 30th, cause I probably wouldn't have gone out voluntarily.

I did however decide that this year, instead of turning 31, I am going to turn 35.
I don't understand women that try to pass themselves off as 5 or even 10 years younger than they are?.. Why would you want people to think that you are just a really hard looking 25 year old?
Not me!! I'm going to go ahead right now, this year and add 4! After all, I look pretty good for 35.. and with any luck, at 35 I will make a great looking 40 year old!
I might not be so lucky if I wait 9 years!



Angie said...

Sounds like you had a good time (and I thank your hubby for his remedy for you so you could knit the next day). See you tomorrow night.


Mindy said...

My friends had a surprise party for my 30th too. You should say your turning 36. You know, since we seem to be "twins". ;)