Monday, December 31

Last one for '07

So, I have been thinking about the next year, and I have come to the conclusion that this would be the best place to put my goals! That way I can't hide them and deny them later!! hahaha

I already posted my crochet/ knit goals, both personal and charity.
I will have more projects than queued on Ravelry.
I will have a pattern book published.. either of just my designs, or combined with my cc.
I will make a longer running commitment to the gym.. Tues-Fri.
I will eat healthier! No diet though.. well, except for the no fried potato diet hahaha!
I will cook at home more often than I eat out.
I will ride my motorcycle more.. shouldn't be hard since it was down almost all this year.
I will pay more debt than I incur.
I will learn how to create web sites for future endeavors.
I will do what I can to help my son pick a college. And get there! hahaha
I will take more photos. And PRINT THEM! And HANG THEM UP!
I will post a regular basis.. at least once a week.
I will leave the west coast at least twice.
I will take a trip up HWY 1 on the CA coast to wine country with my BFF Suzy.
I will get my floors, my kitchen, and my backyard DONE!

Well, I think that's it.
I wonder if I will regret this post in the morning.. hahhaha!
We'll see!

Wish me luck!!


Anonymous said...

Good luck (not that you'll need it) I'm sure all of those goals will be check marked & completed by this time next year :)


Mindy said...

Wow, good list. Most of those should be on my list. Except, I haven't made one yet. ;)