Friday, January 4

First Friday

So, I went to sleep when I got home from work on Wed. and did not get out of bed until around 2pm yesterday. I forfeited 24 hours to this cold, but I think it worked. I'm feeling quite a bit better and it's Friday!! SWEET!

I promised my first two HeartMade Blessings squares to an assembler in IL!!
I did a search in the list that they keep online for the oldest "Operation Purple Heart" afghan that still needed squares! I was surprised that the oldest one is only from November! These ladies really mean business!
I will be setting everything else aside until I get the 2 promised squares done. I plan to have them sent out on Monday! :) I am going to find out the postage for 1 square and for 2 squares so that I don't have to go to the post office every time I need to send something out :).
I know, I said I was going to do 1 square a month, but she is working on 2 afghans, and I figure this will give me a little leeway that I may need later in the year :)

Gail Knits is having a sale this week.. Sat.- Sat. I am going to go get a swift to go with the ball winder that my hubby got me for x-mas. JoAnne's is also having a sale that includes Patons Classic Wool. It is -$2 from its normal price, so I am going to go pick up some for the helmet liners that I'm making.

All of a sudden there are a bunch of people I know that need them. My hubby's brother and my friend's brother are both going to boot camp in Feb. So, I guess I will make them each one in addition to the 2 for my daughter before I will be able to start sending them in to the charity.
I'm going to count these in my goal of 12 for the year.

I have not contacted project Linus yet, but I will when I get a couple things moved from "in process" to "done".

My daughter and her fiance are gone :( She dropped him off at the airport at butt-crack am Thursday, and I vaguely remember her waking me up for a goodbye hug sometime in the lost day. She had the tattoo on her back fixed up by Dee at Ink Inc. on Wed. night, it looks much better. Thanks Dee.. I will have her send me a pic to post when it is all healed up.
She will be back in Vegas for about a month after she graduates from EOD in April :D woo hoo!



Angie said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better and I hope you take a pic of the squares before you send them in.


Mindy said...

I should really get my butt in gear on the HMB squares....