Friday, January 11

Red Molly

So, I have been listening to... blue grass?!
I know! I can't help it.
I'm not really into the country side, more the americana/ folky side. If you are interested, you should check out Red Molly. I found them from their myspace page. Let me know what you think. :D

Anywho, I brought some knitting to work today, I was really surprised how much I got done on the back end of breaks. I brought the Misty Alpaca scarf that I am working on, but I ran out of Alpaca :( I still have a whole 15 min. break left today!! I think I'm going to leave this project here to work on, it is a simple pattern and a quick knit, plus it is a dark yarn that is not easy to knit at the bar during cc or kn, but is just fine under the flourescents here at work! hahaha

Speaking of kn, that was last night. I worked on the garter hooded towel in organic cotton, and then put another pattern repeat on my Monkey sock! :D
I love it by the way!!
I am using Jitterbug in a colorway called Fire! I LOVE THIS YARN!!
I think I am going to try to make these socks with flip-flop toes if I can figure out how to do the toes from this side.. (cuff down instead of toe up)
I started these on #3 needles, which fits my calf great, but I think I am going to change to #2 needles to make the socks taper for the ankle and the foot.

I am going to pick out yarn for Jeni's wedding blankie this weekend. I have a garage full of acrylic yarn, but some of it smells pretty musty. Instead of trying to crochet with hay fever, I am going to wrap all of the skiens into hanks so I can wash the yarn without it turning into a giant nest!, then I am going to wind it into center pull balls!
I think I'm going to do some flowery squares in blue/purple/green/ and of course white :) I may alternate neuteral back grounds also, I'm not sure.

I have had problems assembling squares in the past, one of the baby blankets I made ended up looking like bubble wrap! hahaha. Hopefully I will have better luck this time!

I am still waiting for my order from Knit Picks. I put in my order in during their 2 week move to a new location. They put all orders on hold until they got in to the new store, so it took a while to get out. My order status says it was shipped on Wensday, so we'll see when it gets here! I am VERY excited about the Harmony wooden needles that I ordered!

Well, sorry to bore all ya'll with nothing but yarn talk, but that's what it is LOL!


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