Wednesday, October 3


So, I have not really been in a "woo hoo I can't wait to post this" mood lately.
One of the people at work turned in his resignation to avoid being fired, he has been an on-going stress in my life. I think its better for us and him.
My bike has been taking baby steps towards really ride-able. Everytime one thing is whew something else is CRAP!
My son turned 16 last week, and I found out the hard way that you need to schedule a driving test with the DMV 2 months in advance!!
Then, on Monday at football practice, he broke a molar! I took him to the dentist last night, and they gave him a root canal and a temp. crown!
My hubby also had a broken tooth. It was a week ago, and that is how we found this new dentist! (old dentist sucked!!) So atleast we were prepared for my son needing a nice dentist.
Last weekend was home comming for my kids high school. The football team won! My middle one looked gorgeous for the dance!! Of course, she always does.
Her play practice has been going good, but now she wants to drop forensics (debate) which is the only thing that she has been doing consistantly through high school. The coach for debate team actually wants them to put in effort and work at it this year, so she doesn't enjoy it anymore. Unfortunately, kids can drop classes without their parents aproval, so no matter how much we do the "don't quit, give it a chance, you've done really good at it" thing, she probably dropped it before she even brought it up to us.
My football team is playing Dallas this weekend, @ Dallas. We fly out Saturday morning, and we get back Sunday afternoon. Between sitting in the airports and flying, I should have a decent amount of time to knit! :D
My motorcycle club is taking an official, by a photographer, club photo on our bikes this Friday. I will cry if my bike is not ready :(
Two weeks till I get to go back to CC!! I think I might join a knit group that meets on Thursdays also!!
I'll write more later, gotta go!

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