Thursday, October 25

Moon Landing

So, we are debating the moon landing in our morning meeting, now the topic is changing to Kennedy :) I wonder how much of the day we can spend arguing about things that we may never know the truth about?.
Its amazing how much contradicting information is out there!
What is your favorite conspiracy theory?

I finally got my hair cut last night!! I had them go ahead and throw some color on it too. I was so tired that I feel asleep under the hair dryer! :) So I got a little nap and my hair is now healthily trimmed and dark brown!
There was a woman in the salon talking very loudly on the phone about a guy she works with. I guess he's on suspension from work for messing around with a "few" co-workers! She was telling the girl on the phone that she was going to call the guy's wife!! She repeated the guy's name, first and last, and his place of employment several times!! WOW!!!

My bike is running well. I was having problems with my rear brake, but I think my hubby and I finally got the air worked out of the line, we have pressure! (That's a good thing.) One of my co-workers helped me build a luggage rack that my hubby thought up (I'll post pics later), so now I'm all ready for my club's anniversary trip this weekend! We leave tomorrow morning! I need to pack lite for this weekend, (no chase truck to throw loads of bags in) I'm not sure if I'm going to take a project with me or not.
Who am I kidding, there is always room for a project, now that I'm not just making blankies anymore! I'll probably just take some cotton and a couple wash cloth patterns :)

So, tomorrow is Nevada Day! I'm not exactly sure what it is about, but the kids are off school! Which means that the Varsity football game is tonight! This is the last regular season game for my son's team this year. Regionals start November 9th! woo hooo!

Unfortunately, that means that I will not be going to the knit club that I wanted to check out tonight :( Oh well, it'll still be there next week!

Well, I'm missing out on an argument conversation about how much health insurance sucks and whether it should be blamed on doctors, drug companies, or the government. Gotta go! ;D

Late :)

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