Friday, October 12


So, I burned a whole bunch of pictures to a cd last night so that I could bring them to work and load them on photobucket and flikr, and then I left the disk on my night stand :(
Sorry, no pics to see here yet!

After spending last weekend dropping my cable needle on the floor of the plane, I decided to start something a little more travel friendly for this weekend on the bus! Some wash cloths for baby presents are on the list. The first baby is getting "Peaches 'n Cream"; lemon lime, faded denim, and sea mist(?). Cat in the hat in lemon lime made its way to the needles last night (its almost done). I'm not sure how well your going to be able to see the cat in variegated yarn, but we'll see.
Some Pakucho organic cotton was purchased on line yesterday for the other baby on the way at work. I have never bought yarn un-felt, I hope that it is as groovie as I am expecting it to be!

Spring Valley Grizzlies vs. Gorman tonight!! If anyone is going, don't forget tonight is the "white out" so wear your white shirts!
Our freshman and JV lost last night, so lets help get V pumped up and ready :D

Jessica's b-day party is immediately following that at Mr. D's!! I can't wait to see ya'll, its been forever!!

The Las Vegas Showgirlz are playing SoCal in SanDiego this weekend! We get on the bus tomorrow morning at 7:00am, game is at 5pm. We should be back in town around 3am, so I'll probably be sleeping most of the day Sunday :D
If you wanna do something, call me, I might get up!! :D ahhahaha

Well, I need to get movin'!


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