Friday, October 5

Do I look blue to you?

So, my bike is mostly back together. The rear axle needs to be tightened, the primary fluid needs to be poured in, and the push-rods need to be tightened up just a little. I am holding my breath for a ride tonight.

Hopefully, I will get to ride it to meet with "the" girls tonight!!

Its actually a good thing that my bike was not completely finished last night. It would have been very hard to come to work today if my bike was ridable!

So, the Showgirlz are leaving on a jet plane tomorrow morning! I think we are much better prepared to take on the rest of our season. Keep your fingers crossed for us!
Our current record is 2-3. If we win our last 3 games, I think that we will be in the play-offs as a wild card.

I am taking my knitting with me. I am making the "Learn to Cable Scarf" from Lion Brand out of Caron Simply Soft Quick.

Is that wrong? To do a free pattern from one company out of yarn you bought from one of their competitors?

Too bad, I'm blaming Walmart (they get blamed for everything else anyways haha). They were out of Wool-Ease Thick 'n Quick in purple. I had every intention of using Lionbrand Yarn when I picked the pattern.. It's out of my control!

So, I am making it on US 10.5 plastic needles. Has anyone flown with knitting? I hope they do not throw away my needles. :( I'm taking the plastic ones!! Come on!! Please... I left my scissors at home.. PLEASE!!

Cross your fingers that I get a nice security guard .. I'll be in my football jersey with the rest of the team, so hopefully I get the football fan whose g-ma knits! :D


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Angie said...

You should be okay with your knitting needles, both Mindy and I flew with dpn's back in June and had no problem. Good luck at the game (and I hope you get to ride tonight!).