Monday, October 22


So, I only got one reply on these! Anyone else have an opinion?

What do you think I should make out of my surprisingly soft Pakucho organic cotton; this cute bath mit, or this cuddlie bunny blankie, or this cool towel with a hood?

Also, my football season is over, so I will see ya'll at CC tomorrow night!! :D



Mary Sarah said...

Hi! I'm back and I'm for the bunny blankie. It's too cute! See you tonight!

Angie said...

Sandy was right, make the towel. It is the cutest of the three imho.

Soooooo great seeing you tonight! And...your bike rocks!


Sue Knits 4 Fun said...

Man, my first comment was one that I posted to a totally different blog about 6 months ago. How the heck does that happen????

Anyway, I've done the blanket. It's an awful lot of garter stitch over & over & over. I'd to the bunny blankie! Like mary sarah said, it's too cute!

Anonymous said...

bunnie blanket