Friday, September 28

Somebody's Oppinion

So, anyone who has not been here before, rest assured, I'm only really opinionated (on my blog) once in a great while, rants are not too common, so please feel free to read more than just this post. :)

Now, on with it:

I was having a conversation with some of my teammates over Slurpee's last night after practice (GO LINE!) and a topic came up that I have often thought about but never really discussed.
When I got home, the exact same topic was on the news!! Very strange!

The topic, you ask. Here goes.. stick with me.

Back in "the day", lets say our grandparents timish, a women's job was to take care of the home; make sure the house was clean, the kids were fed, laundry, shopping.. you get the pic. A man's job was to go to work, mow the lawn, and kill spiders.

Men had the stress of bringing home all the bacon, women had the stress of keeping a nice house and making sure the kids didn't piss off the hubby. Sounds fair to me.

Now, fast forward.
The "Bacon Stress" has now been split between both husband and wife. BUT, the stress of keeping a nice house and caring for the kids has remained mostly on the wife.

Yes, some husbands help out around the house, but when you have someone coming over, is their definition of a "clean" house the same as yours?
Do they feel the stress to make everything just so? Do they feel like they are not doing their "job" or that they are "less than" if there is nothing to drink but water and milk? or if there are spots on the mirror in the bathroom? or dog hair on the sofa? or if your kid put away a dirty glass and now a guest is drinking out of it??!! Not in my house. That is a stress solely my own.
Now, I'm not saying that my wonderful husband makes me feel stress about the house being clean, that is something that is deep down inside of me.. I'm the woman, that's part of my job.. right?

In our struggle for equality in the work place, we have started burring ourselves in stress!
What did those damn bra burners do to us!! hahahahaha I'm half kidding, but think about it.
How much do you do around the house? How much does your significant other do?
Is it equal? We've earned our financial independance, but our families are still domestically dependant on us.
Is what we've gained worth what we've gained?

Now I'm on a mission to find out how other women feel about this!

I was talking to a female co-worker (and fellow knitter) about this topic on the way in from the parking garage this morning (after dropping the kid off at school) and she added another fine point. Another major stress in our lives as women, is looking good.
Now, I know that men still feel pressure to look good, but think about this.

Men that gain some weight after getting married are called "happy" and "well taken care of". Their wives are told what a great job they must be doing.
However, when a woman puts on a little weight, we are "letting our selves go" and its seen as a problem, no one tells the hubby what a "great job" they must be doing takin' care of the little lady!

Good point!

So here's what I would like to know.. how do you feel about this topic?? Post on your blog, or comment on mine :D


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Mary Sarah said...

I'm thinking about this topic and will respond when I have more time. All I can say now is "YEAH!" hehehe