Thursday, October 18

Sometimes being a step-mom sucks a$$

So, that's all I have to say about that! I'm sure alot of you know already:) If your hubby or wife is a step-dad or mom.. give them a big hug 'n a thank you.

Most people I come across are surprised by how much "stuff" I do. I describe myself as 'well rounded is not just a physical trait'. Alot of my c/k buddies are equally as round (interest wise, not ass wise) and that other site that I keep mentioning has shown me that it seems to be that the majority of us are actually VERY round! :D Do the rest of you find that non c/kers are often surprised by your diverse interests?
While I'm asking for ya'lls opinion, what do you think I should make out of my surprisingly soft Pakucho organic cotton; this cute bath mit, or this cuddlie bunny blankie, or this cool towel with a hood?

Anyways, I got a little knitting in on the doggie wash cloth last night after football practice. I should have been working on my cable scarf, but I wanted something I didn't have to think about. (see post title) I almost broke down and started a crochet project.. back to the roots hahaha!

Speaking of roots, my hair is curently, brown on top, and bleached underneath. My roots are showing, but since it is under my natural color on top, it is easy to ignore (thats why I did it that way ;) ). I think it has passed the ignorable stage though. Now my delema is, touch up the roots (more bleach) or just go back to a one color hair do! I need a hair cut either way. I think I'm going to go get it cut tomorrow and go from there. Any suggestions? Keep in mind that I am in chlorine for 3 hours atleast once a week.

Let see, I believe I said the bike is wonderful.. right? Well, the rear brake has decided to stop working again! I rode it to work this morning anyways though, cause by the time I realized it, it was ride in or be late. Cross your fingers for me around 3:15 pst! hahahaha

Well, tonight is the last football practice of the season :( We'll be turning in our practice gear and heading over to 7-eleven for slurpies after practice, so bring your $'s.
Also, if there are any players reading this, we are all set for Showgirlz tattoo day at Ink Inc. on Nov. 10th 2pm till everyone has been stuck. (they do peircings also) I'll be bringing flier things to the last game, I hope alot of you can come!! :D


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Mary Sarah said...

Hi! Ok, love all three patterns for the baby item. It's hard to pick one. I can only imagine how hard it has to be dealing with stepkids. I had enough 'fun' with my own amd know it has to be much harder. Hang in there! Have fun with your football group and I'll be seeing you soon!