Wednesday, September 12

Friday... kinda

So, tomorrow my brother, his wife and his baby are coming to Vegas!! I have not met my little niece yet, so I am VERY excited!

I have not posted in a week, let me see....

My bike is getting VERY close to done. My hubby is the MAN!! hahaha The only things I can think of off the top of my head are; wiring the starter and ignition stuff, finishing the brake lines, adjusting the clutch, installing the battery, bleeding the brakes, putting on the fenders, gas tank, and seat, and starting it!!

My knee high socks have gone on the maybe someday pile. I have a couple baby blankies, and a couple small kid blankies to do. I also have some tofutsie yarn I want to knit. I have a biker camping trip coming up the 21-23, I need to make sure I have something small and durable to take with for that, maybe my Harry Potter scarf.

Hmm, sorry for the rambling, I have not gotten alot of sleep this week! I'm going to go get some coffee! :)



Angie said...

Nice to hear from you again. Hmmm, I need to post soon too, been a while.


Anonymous said...

well shit!! take some pictures of the baby I'm excited to see the baby! Say hi to mike for me. cool, cool, cool on the the bike. Your lucky you can ride all year there most people would be uspet to miss out on a ridding season.
How's the fam? did you get Jethro a new ride? tell all