Saturday, September 1


I don't remember football games being this much fun! It must have been the wool band uniforms! hahaha

I have pics! (I'm a good evil step-mother.)

There was a great low, almost full harvest moon over the strip.
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Both teams had the same 7-4 record last year, and two local news teams were out filming for their feature game of the night! They were not disappointed. It was a great game!

It was tied at 1:59ish left in the game. SPV drove it down the field. There were 9 sec. left on the clock and they were on the
1 yard
The coach had to choose.. field goal for the win.. or go for the touch down... he chose to go for it!
They ran right up the middle.. there was a huge struggle, both sides pushing the pile..
IT'S IN!!!
The screaming, stomping crowd was ruining my pics! I didn't care WE WON!!!

Wait, they put time back on the clock??
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4 secs, but that was all the other team needed for another chance.. now they had time for a kick-off.
My son was on special teams.. he was jumping, jumping, jumping.. pumped, ready to go get the guy with the ball... stop him, don't let him run it back..!

And he did!!! That's right, my little boy ran all the way down the field and stopped the guy that caught the ball!! And I have video.. that looks like a giant blur :(
But here he is afterwards!
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and the final score!
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Hey, about half an hour after we got home, my oldest sent us a pic of her new tattoo! She extended a tattoo that she already had up the whole right side of her body!! It looks very cool! and painful :)

Well, I have about 1.5 hours before I have to leave for my game... I'm going to go watch some college football while I knit socks and do laundry :)


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Anonymous said...

Congrats to Jake! He's quite the football player, isn't he. I'm sure more and more colleges will be knocking down your door! How did your game go? Hopefully you kicked their butts! You gotta get a pic of Nikki's sounds cool.