Thursday, September 27

8 things about me.

So, my cc buddy did "8 things about Mary" thing, now I'm going to do it to.
Bare with me, I think most of you know these things :)

1. I have 3 step-kids that have lived with me and my husband full time since I met him. (they were living with him when I met him) My 20 year old daughter is in the Army, my 17 year old daughter is in a play this year, and my 16 year old son is a starter on the Varsity football team.

2. I work for the Circus! I'm the lead controls tech for Cirque du Soleil's "O" show at the Bellagio.

3. I'm in a motorcycle club called the S.L.O.B's! (nobody is my knickname) I tore my '76 Shovelhead apart in Feb. I mean all the way apart! It has been re-powder coated, re-painted and the motor has been rebuilt. I have also gone from a 4 speed to 5 speed transmission. My wonderful hubby has been putting it back together for me since I've been really busy this fall.(see #5) In case I haven't mentioned, it is this || close to being done!

4. I love to crochet and knit! I am a member of a crochet club here in Vegas. The Las Vegas Hookers. I miss you ladies! 3 more weeks of #5 and I'll be back!! I can't wait to show ya'll the knitting I have been doing! I know its a cc, but we knit to, so just back off! :) Oh hey.. my number finally came up on Ravelry!! Sweet!

5. I am a starting Offensive Guard for the Las Vegas Showgirlz. We are a part of the Women's Professional Football League (WPFL).

6. I have a few tattoos and piercings. My hubby and I are going to go on our honeymoon for our 5 year anniversary, we have been talking about going to LA Ink and getting tattoos at Kat Van De's shop!!

7. I really enjoy remodeling. Someday I will make more time to get my house done.

8. I plan on retiring in the next 10 years and opening a yarn shop/ coffee house. Or a biker bar, the vote is still out :D

I would like to learn things about all of you that read this too! If you have a blog, do this.. if not just put 8 things in the comments of this post!!


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