Monday, September 17


So, I miss my little niece already :( She has to be the best baby ever!! It was soo good seeing my brother and his wife! I hope they had a good time!
She got to see my son play football, and got to see me get injured!

Let's see, good football news, my son earned his starting defense possition!!! He will be starting linebacker and starting special teams this week! I am sooo proud of him, he has earned it!!

Kinda bad football news, I sprained my ankle in the first quarter of our game against Dallas this weekend. Its feeling much better today! I'm glad we don't have a game this week, I should be good to go for our game on the 29th!

Motorcycle news! My brother spent alot of time in the garage with my hubby this weekend, and we hit a couple snags, but on Sunday we got it to start :D There is a lot of adjusting and buttoning up to do, but it is VERY close! It will probably be running by the weekend, but I won't have it broken in on time to take it to the Friendship Run Friday morning. :( That's alright though.. I'll be riding it when we get back! :D And I'll get to knit in the truck this weekend! hahaha

I have lots of pics to post soon.


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Mary Sarah said...

I hope your ankle's better. Geez! Don't push it and hurt it worse. Don't I sound like a mothering nag? I hope you post pics of your bike. It sounds like it'll be so much fun!